Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Daegu Kyodong Fashion Jewelry Specialty Zone

Created in 1970 because of a prominent watchmaker in Kyodong Market, the fashion jewelry specialty zone began to take shape in the early 1980s. 

Its position was strengthened over the years by placing in a number of jewelry making competitions, and it was subsequently nationally recognized for its exporting achievements.

Store Information

Gaeunsa 053-423-8549       Kang Boseok 053-422-4285
Kyeongilsa 053-425-7242     Koryesa 053-423-5904
Gold League 053-426-6635   Gold Money 053-422-8821
Gold Marine 053-423-1074   Gold Very 053-426-5277
Gold Brain 053-253-6461     Gold Gem 053-422-5270
Gold Zone 053-424-0503     Gold Jewelry 053-422-4583
Gold Core 053-421-5375     Gold Coin 053-255-3235
Gold Field 053-422-3795     International Jewelry 053-422-8768
Keumkwang Chain 053-421-5204   Keumkwang Chilbo 053-426-3665
Keummaek 053-253-0378          Keumseok 053-427-1668
Keumseong Yanghaeng 053-425-8866   Keumjul 053-425-8242
Kimhae Chain 053-424-9423            Nanboseok 053-255-6249
Namseok Boseok Kamjeongwon 053-424-0844

Address: 3F Kyeongil Building 61-4 Gyo-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu
Tel: 053-424-9150
Management: Daegu Fashion Jewelry Specialty Zone Prosperity Association


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