Thursday, December 22, 2011

Daegu city is becoming the mecca for school study tours

With one of East Asia’s largest study tour groups having made its way to Daegu, Korea’s third-largest city is emerging as the region’s promising mecca for school study tours, according to Daegu City.

Daegu City highlighted that a Japanese high school in Nagasaki, which had to suspend all trips to Korea last year because of the Yeonpyeong Island crisis, just recently, on Dec. 5, had 250 students on an exchange program with students from the Daegu Tourism High School.

The Japanese-student travel group arrived in Daegu on Dec. 4 to participate in the exchange-program with the Daegu students. The event featured a welcome greeting, on-site tours, gift exchanges, a talent show (the Japanese students gave a Karate demonstration and the Korean students performed “B-Girl Dancing”), a time for friendly networking, and a variety of other activities.

Daegu City also added that two groups of students, totaling about 90, from Singapore were scheduled to arrive in Daegu on Dec. 12. The highlights of their program include visits to the Public Safety Amusement Park, Guam Village, and various educational sites and facilities, as well as participating in student-exchange activities. Noting that it is customary of Singapore to organize relatively small group student tours, Daegu City said it had succeeded in attracting about 320 groups for school-exchange programs.

In particular, an estimated 2,250 Chinese students visited Daegu during their holiday months of January and February and July to August. The Chinese youths took part in school-exchange programs that featured viewing traditional performances and visiting “Seohwajeon” (an exhibition of paintings and calligraphic works), the Herb Hills, and the Public Safety Amusement Park. Daegu City predicts that large groups of students from China will continue to choose Daegu as their study tour destination during January and February 2012.

Daegu City believes the reasons for East Asian countries choosing Daegu as a school tour destination are its active marketing activities hand-in-hand with local travel agencies and school officials - all in tune with the “Visit Daegu Year 2011.” China, Singapore, and Japan have been major target markets for Daegu City as it looked to boast its strong educational values.

In addition to the rising popularity of Daegu among East Asian youth, Daegu City highlighted that its Palgong Mountain fall foliage tours, promoted in October, drew as many as 1,218 visitors from Fukuoka and other Japanese regions. According to Daegu City, the Japanese tourists returned in awe at the grandeur of Daegu Stadium and the city’s natural panoramic surroundings.


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