Tuesday, December 13, 2011

“1 year record, the Beauty of Daegu” – KBS on Dec 14

KBS(Korean Broadcasting System) will air the documentary film about the beauty of Daegu in celebration of visit Daegu year on Dec 14.
It will show the bounty and beauty of Daegu city and fans nationwide will be able to watch it in high definition.

It shows 4 themes relevant to 4 seasons which are ‘Blossoms’ for spring, ‘Passion’ for summer, ‘Coexistence of human and nature’ for fall, and ‘Purity’ for winter.

*When will the program be aired?
Dec 14

*The main points to ponder in this movie are as follows.
Jan – Hope, Prologue – Suseong pond and Seongdang pond
Feb – Wait – Mountain Palgong
Mar – Start – Mountain Biseol, Magnolia(the flower of Daegu city)
Apr – Romance and Fashion – Sincheon River, Guemho River…
May – Youth – 10 tourist attractions of Daegu, Universities
Jun – City, Alleys, Dongseongro, Designs, Architectures
Jul – City, Parks, Keoyngsang gamyeong,
Aug – Passion – Daegu Stadium, Colorful Festival, City Dance Company
Sep – Hometown – Dodong seowon, Pictures, Olle road in Mt. Pargong
Oct – Late Autumn – Fall foliage, Gachang, Arboretum
Nov – People – Engineers in Daegu, Foreign workers
Dec – Completion – 4 seasons, Night views


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