Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Daegu Chrysanthemum EXPO 2011

Daegu Chrysanthemum EXPO 2011 was held from Oct29 to Nov13 at Daegu Arboretum.
Daegu Arboretum that was once a landfill, now turned to be an eco-environmental space with the vigorous effort of Daegu citizens.
Approximately 8,000 Chrysanthemum products were exhibited during the expo.

Luckily, I got a chance to enjoy late autumnal foliage there.

I was very impressed with the beautiful scenery on the way to the Broad leafed tree zone.

Kids loved the Chrysanthemums!

I was lost in the beauty and fragrance of the flowers. *O*

This section was the most popular with the interesting art works and photo zones.

This presents the Korean traditional medicine pot of Daegu Yangnyeongsi(Herb medicine market).

What fantastic and aromatic art works they were!!

Large Flowered Chrysanthemum seemed somewhat more elegant than smaller ones.

There were a cactus glasshouse, a potted plant garden, a wildflower garden, and a bamboo garden as well.

Let’s go for a nature walk at Daegu Arboretum~~
The scent of the flowers will be wafted along by the breeze.

Parking: Free
Hours: 9am-6pm
Bus: 604, 600, 609, 623, 650, 651, 655, 836, 달성1, 달성2, 달서1, 달서3, 달성5, 성서1,성서1-1
Subway: Daegok Station Gate3
*No garbage bins at Daegu Arboretum~~ :)