Thursday, October 13, 2011

Unique Restaurants in Dongsungro Daegu

Modern Korean Cusine Food&Style - bob

I was unwinding and making myself at home while connecting over a delicious Korean meal at Korean fusion style restaurant “bob”.
I couldn’t be happier that all the foods were served at 30% off prices.
Not like other restaurants in Daegu they don’t provide free dissert unless you pay additional 3000won for it.

Take in the atmosphere – with gleaming hardwood floors and rich saturated colors creating a cozy but dramatic setting.

Their unique handmade menu was very cute.
Free side dishes such as Doenjang(soybean paste) stew and white Kimchi were gooood. Mmm

Address: 대구광역시 중구 공평동 57-6 (57-6 Gongpyeong-dong Jung-gu Daegu)
Hours:   12:00 – 24:00

Indian Restaurant (인도가는길)

Traditional Indian food, featuring simple, curry specialized menu stars at 인도가는길, along with unique scent and interior.
인도가는길 was once introduced on MBC TV as a famous restaurant in Korea.

Indian styled carpet and furniture captured my eyes.

I ordered their famous menu curry and nan(Indian flat bread).
Good thing you can order rice as much as you want for free here!

Address: 대구광역시 중구 삼덕동1 58-4 (58-4 Samduk-dong 1ga, Jung-gu, Daegu)

Japanese Restaurant – Sansiro

This Japanese restaurant is famous for the real Japanese chef.
Each menu reflects what he believes Japanese Ramen truly stands for… the ability to evoke the senses through the techniques of the masters. :-P

I felt like I was in Japan. WOW

Lots of lots of menu they have!!

Lunch time: 12:00 – 3:00pm(cheaper price)
Address: 대구 중구 삼덕동1 11-6 (11-6 Samduk-dong 1ga, Jung-gu, Daegu)

Star Kebab

Turkish cook is running his own kebab store in Dongsungru!!
I remember the kebab place I used to go in Itaewon Seoul.
This restaurant is just like one in Itaewon. Tasty, fun and fast.

I need to figure out why every Turkish in Korea speaks Korean so well…lol

Hey, nice eyebrows. ㅋㅋ
Turkish ice-cream is sooo rich, sweet and sometimes even chewy.
I’m sure I’m not the only one to think that way.

Address: 대구 중구 공평동 63번지 (63 Gongpyeong-dong, Jung-gu Daegu)