Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Revival of Gyeongsang Gamyeong Customs

Event Hours

1:30pm - 4:00pm Oct21 Sat


Events and Experiences

○ Inspire the citizen and tourists with historical consciousness and provide them with unique attractions such as inspection & marching ceremony, momentum time signaling ceremony, patrolman activities, etc. by reviving the traditional customs in the era of Chosun Dynasty where Gyeongsang local government was located at that time, and cultivate it as a traditional culture tourism goods.

○ Operate differentiated tour experiencing programs regularly 22 times a year (every Saturday) for the domestic and foreign visitors to Daegu, and contribute to the increase of central city tourists through performance of the arrival rounding parade of Gyeongsang governor linked with the Dongseongro festival.



○ Dates: Every Saturday from April to October (excluding the hot season)
○ Venue: Gyeongsang Governor’s Park
○ Event Details
○ Momentum time signaling ceremony, gate keeper switchover ceremony, inspection & marching ceremony (demonstration of martial arts)
○ Folk party events (folk dance, Korean drumming ensemble, etc.)
○ Ethnic customs experiencing events (sedan chair riding, wearing traditional costumes, experiencing implement of punishment, traditional games, etc.)
○ Gyeongsang governor’s arrival rounding parade, 2 times (linked with Dongseongro festival)


How to get here

Subway Jungang-ro Station > 5 minutes' walk towards Mankyeong-gwan