Friday, October 7, 2011

Motels in Daegu are AWESOME *o*

What’s up Daegu visitors! :D
I want to show you some pictures of cool motels in Daegu today~

PS. I’m so sorry address and Tel No. shouldn’t be posted in terms of the regulation of indirect advertising.  Y.Y  T.T

Motels are not just a place for sleeping anymore.
They have made their own themes for some time past.
You can play pool game, watch a movie, do a karaoke and even host a party there.

Daegu Party Room Motels

What awesome rooms, kitchens, and striking interiors&furniture!!
These places are so cool that anyone would want to stay at forever~~

My birthday is in Oct so I better make a plan for my b-day party at one of these places!!

Daegu Theatre Room Motels

If you feel a bit uncomfortable with the chair of the theatre when you watch a movie, why don’t you drop by the motel with theatre rooms?
There can be no cozier place than these rooms!!
I feel sorry that most of them don’t have latest films. T.T

Daegu Multi Room Motels

I think these motels can be classified as party room motels as well.
But they have more fun stuff than party motels. You can think of a multi motel as upgraded version of party motels.
One day is really not long enough to enjoy everything at multi room motels.

If you find some unique motels in Daegu, let me know please~~ :D
Can’t wait till my b-day party!!
I better write invitation cards at home tonight~ hehe :o)
Have a hotttt weekend ^___^