Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Daegu International Opera Festival as center for operas in Asia

The Daegu International Opera Festival (DIOF) is the most well-known music festival in Korea and a source of pride for the people of Daegu. It is also the biggest international opera festival in Asia. It is beloved and cherished for its high quality performances.

The 9th Daegu International Opera Festival

Date :      Sep 28 – Oct 29 2011

Host :       Daegu Opera House in Daegu

Organizer :  The Daegu International Opera Festival Organizing Committee

Sponsor :    Korea Arts Management Service of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism

Daegu Opera House, Korea
Oct 7  7:30pm - Oct 15  3pm, Daegu Opera House

DIOF Organizing Committee, Korea&Ankara State Theatre, Turkey
Oct 13  7:30pm – Oct 22  3pm, Daegu Opera House
Oct 21  7:30pm – Oct22  3pm, Daegu Opera House

Korea National Opera & DIOF Organizing Committee, Korea
Oct 21  7:30pm – Oct 22  3pm, Daegu Opera House


<Children’s> Boony Boony Friends
DIOF Organizing Committee & Suseong Artpia, Korea
Oct 8  11am, 2pm – Oct 9  2pm,5pm, Yonggi Hall, Suseong Artpia

<Regional> The Etemal Flame
Ul-san Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation, Korea
Oct 19 – Oct 2-  7:30pm, Yonggi Hall, Suseong Artpia

<Classic> Dido and Aeneas
Amici Opera Company, Korea/Daegu Donggu Art&Sports Center
Oct 25 – Oct 26  8pm, Auditorium, Daegu Donggu Art&Sports Center


Audition for the leading role in <Fliegende Hollander by Wangner>
Oct 5, Daegu Opera House

<Opera Class> Culture&Opera
Oct 8/ Oct 15/ Oct 22  1pm, Daegu Opera House, 3rd floor

Russian Bis-Quit Ensemble, Bis-Quit
Oct 11  7:30pm, Orioles Theater, Daegu Children’s Hall

Closing Concert&Daegu International Opera Festival Awards
DIOF Organizing Committee&Daegu Waltz Orchestra
Oct 29  6pm, Daegu Opera House


Free Concert, Backstage Tour, Opera Zone, The Post of Asia, The Day of Taking Pictures of Opera etc.

The schedule can be changed according to the circumstances of the cast.