Thursday, October 20, 2011

Daegu Fasion&Culture Complexes

If you want to have a look at what Fashion and Culture complexes in Daegu are like, please check below~~

Daegu Stadium Mall – COLOR SQUARE

Now in Daegu, it’s very popular for young people to hang out at complex malls.

The newly opened Daegu Stadium Mall with state of the art architectures functions as one of the fabulous fashion and culture complex malls in Daegu.

Let’s get some fun at Daegu Stadium Mall!!

It has a huge grocery store, clothing shops, brand shops, CGV theatre, restaurants and beautiful walking paths.

It’s directly connected to Daegu Stadium which is a mecca of big festivals such as World Cup2002, Asia Song Festival2011, and IAAF World Championships Daegu2011.

Daegu City Center – Lifestyle Shops

Daegu City Center is located the opposite side of 2.28 Memorial Park.
It’s composed of Novotel and Doran Plaza.
Novotel is a very famous international hotel and Doran Plaza is a shopping&culture mall.
Daegu city center has wedding halls, event halls, and well-being shops.

Daegu city center is from 9th basement to 23rd floor.
B3 - B&B night club
7th floor - City spa land and Thai massage&Aroma theraphy place.
8th – 23rd floor – Novotel

There are restaurants, wedding halls, ophthalmology, oriental medical clinic, a pharmacy, spas and Massage salons.

Novotel serves these facilities for free to residents.

Daehyun Primall

Daehyun free mall is an underground shopping center passageway like Gangnam underground shopping complex.

You will see small shops in rows.
There are stores of electrical and electronic equipment, clothing, fashion accessories, and stationery.

More than 100 shops are placed at Daegu Primall.

Wow! Lots of photo studios~~

Daehyun Primall is connected to Kyobo bookstore, Hanil Theatre and Lotte Yong Plaza.

Metro Center – Banwoldang subway station shopping center

Just like Daehyun Primall, Metro Center is an underground shopping center as well.

Banwoldang station is an only subway transfer station in Daegu for now.
Metro Center has more than 400 shops and restaurants.

Its concept is alike Daehyun Primall.
Metro center has a fairly small fountain which plays a role of meeting place.
The shopping path is more than 500m.

Metro center is connected to DongA and Hyundai department stores.

Have fun at Daegu shopping malls and don’t spend too much money~~ :D