Thursday, October 20, 2011

Asia Song Festival - Daegu Stadium was packed with people!

On Oct15, Daegu stadium was packed with all kinds of people from the world;
Asian pop fans, families, fan clubs, press corps and photographers…
More and more people are gathered around the scene of the festival.
Today, I will show you what Daegu Stadium area was like on the Asia Song Festival day!

Daegu Stadium was packed with people!

People started to enter the Daegu Stadium from 3pm and the show started at 6pm.
I think free ticketing is only one of the reasons why the place was so crowded.

Sooo many people! :) Around 30,000 fans! wow!

How can we help you? Visitdaegu2011 booth~~

Asia Song Festival is held in Daegu in celebration of Visitdaegu2011 year.
Many Asian stars got to Daegu to show off their long prepared fantastic performances just for the Asia Song Festival.

The ladies in Hanbok(Korean traditional clothing) at Visitdaegu2011 booth provided the brochures about Daegu restaurants, tourist attractions etc. and gave the visitors directions to the zones.

Snack Carts

Fans from all over the world

Lots of foreign visitors came to enjoy the big show.
Foreign workers, students, visitors…
I said hi to them hoping that the Asia Song Festival could be a truly enjoyable performance to them.

The Big Show

People just wouldn’t want to stop waving the luminous sticks.

Plan Cards

‘Look at me pls’
‘Joker Yong Jun Hyeong’

The colorful plan cards of Asian music fans looked really cute~~

‘Think of Suji twenty-four seven’ ‘Is Suji an angel?’ ‘Go out with me Sueng Gi’ ‘Are u looking at me, Beast?’

ASF is fun~~

Behind the stage some people were dancing to the rhythm of the ASF music.

Press Corps

Some people left early cuz we had to allow for some delay due to the bad weather. But, I hope every fans at the place enjoyed the show~~

How about sharing with me about your personal stories of Asia Song Festival? :)