Monday, September 26, 2011

Smart dating course in Daegu by Sarbi - Part IV

After shopping in Seomun Market, they headed to the biggest and most popular amusement park in Daegu, Woobang Tower Land.

Mr. Sarbi and Ms. Sarbi excited about being in the park

The centre square with view of tower is a great spot for a picture! The area gets 10x more beautiful in the spring, with the newly blossomed tulips. After a short walk from the entrance, you will come across the cable car ride, which gives you a complete view of the park. This park is all about promoting athletics with its various topiaries in the shapes of athletes.

The couple posing in front of a topiary

Ms. Sarbi really enjoys adrenaline rushes and keeps pestering Mr. Sarbi to ride the Viking. Little does she know, that he is afraid of these rides. After she finds out about his fears, Ms. Sarbi, recommends riding the cable car so as not to push Mr. Sarbi into an uncomfortable situation.

Once in the cable car will be brought to the entrance of Woobang Tower. This tower provides a 360 degree view of the city and gives you the best night view of Daegu.

Daegu Tower, one of the major land marks of Daegu

After a fun day at Woobang Tower Land, the couple hits the road to the last activity of the date. The last location was a surprise for Ms. Sarbi, it is the Host Venue for the IAAF World Championships Daegu 2011, the Daegu Stadium.


Today the stadium was very quiet, as there are no events in the winter season. But when it gets warmer, citizens visit the stadium grounds to have family picnics, see movies at the drive in theatre, and enjoy the scenery around the venue.

The curious Sarbi couple entered the Daegu Stadium to see Korea’s first ever Blue Track. The new Mondo track triggered running instincts of Sarbi couple and an impromptu 100m race was held. 

Mr. Sarbi had a great start.

Mr. Sarbi run at a breakneck speed

But in a quick instance he tripped and fell allowing Ms. Sarbi to pass him and win the first 100m ever in the stadium. With her victory, Ms. Sarbi made herself a promise that will come again in August when the Championships will be held to see Usain Bolt try to beat her new record. 

The date has finally come to an end. When in Daegu you can follow our dating course, or make a new one of your own. If you have an interesting dating course let us know all about it!


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