Thursday, September 22, 2011

Smart Dating Course in Daegu by Sarbi - Part III From Jungang-ro to Seomun Market

The couple took the bus from the opposite side of 2.28 Memorial Park. To get to their next dating course, the Seomun Market.  The market is the largest traditional market in Daegu. With thousands of shops you can find anything you need from clothes, fabrics, bags, foods, and much more. You can get here by taking bus No.600 or No.900, taking the subway to Seoumun Market Station, or if it is a nice day you can the 30 minute walk straight down from 2.28 Memorial Park.

The Sarbi couple in the bus
Sarbi looking for empty seat

Ms. Sarbi took the empty seat faster than the best speed of Usain Bolt.

The couple joking around in the bus

It takes about 15mins from 2.28 Park to get to the Seomun Market.

Seomun Market Entrance

Seomun Market is the largest and oldest traditional market in Daegu. The market was established in the middle of the Joseon Dynasty. It is also one of the three major national markets in Korea. Currently the market boasts over 20,000 vendors and 4,000 shops.

This market is a famous place to buy textiles and delicious market food.

Where might the next dating course be?
To be continued…