Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Smart dating course in Daegu by Sarbi - Part II

Mr. Sarbi and Ms. Sarbi arrived back at Dong-Daegu Subway Station after many twist and turns. Even though Ms. Sarbi is generally a diehard taxi patron in Seoul, the smooth Mr. Sarbi was able to convince her to ride the subway this trip.

Mr. Sarbi paid subway fares. (* Fare: KRW 1,100 per person flat rate) 

In Daegu the subway ticket looks like a plastic coin, unlike the one used in Seoul which is made out of paper. To enter the subway they have to place the pass on top of the reader at the top of the barrier. The Sarbis are impressed with the new glass doors that have been installed on the platform to protect the passengers.

The couple continued their date and got off at Jungang-ro Station after seven minutes on the subway.

The Gyeongbuk Province is very famous for its Uljin and Youngduk crab. 

 The couple had a nice crab meal and continued on to the underground shopping mall at Jungang-ro Station, where they did a lot of window shopping on their way to 2.28 Jungang Memorial Park. Mr. Sarbi brought her here as it is a very popular dating location for young couples.

As today was a bit chilly there were only a few people, but this gave the couple the privacy they need to talk. While sitting here the couple met a cute student and took a couple pictures together.

After the fun date, the couple headed towards the Headquarters for the Organizing Committee for the IAAF World Championships Daegu 2011. Where the staff are fervently preparing for the Best World Championships Ever!

Where will the next dating course be?

Let’s see next week!