Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Smart dating course in Daegu by Sarbi - Part I

Seoul woman, Ms. Sarbi is going to visit Daegu by KTX to meet Mr. Sarbi.

Although Mr. Sarbi is curt in nature but he wants to create special memories for his girlfriend coming from Seoul.

Although Mr. Sarbi has no money and no car but he decided to puff out his chest and be brave. We’d like to introduce economic smart dating course to you.

Let’s follow their lovely dating course.

Mr. Sarbi is awaiting Ms. Sarbi’s arrival at Dong-Daegu Station.

Upon her arrival the couple decided to take the subway to Jungang-ro Station, where most of the young people tend to gather.

After a bit of light shopping and eating in Jungang-ro they then headed to Seomun Market, to sample some of the best local market treats and to pick up a nice bag for Ms. Sarbi.

Tired from all of the shopping Mr. Sarbi decided to bring his date to the Daegu Tower at Woobang Towerland to show her the full view of the city. The date moved to the last location, the Daegu Stadium. This is Mr. Sarbi’s favorite place as it will be the host venue for the IAAF World Championships Daegu 2011.

With the date finished, Ms. Sarbi must head back to Seoul and the couple says good-bye at their starting point, Dong-Daegu Station.

Dong-Daegu Station

Mr.Sarbi has arrived at Dong-daegu Station.

Mr.Sarbi is just so happy to see his girlfriend.

Mr. Sarbi greeting citizens in front of the Subway Station

Mr. Sarbi is posing with citizen in a festive mood.

The Sarbis took the subway.

Mr. Wandering in Dong-Daegu Station

Mr.Sarbi is looking around to find his better half.

Ms. Sarbi Appears

At that very moment! Ms. Sarbi arrives in couple clothes.

Mr. Sarbi and Ms. Sarbi

Mr. & Ms. Sarbi at the start of their Daegu Dating Tour

Going to take the Subway

Come out and walk along the station. The weather is so good today.

Buses, taxis, and the subway are available for use at Jungang-ro Station.
Subway and bus fare is 1,100 won.

Mr. Sarbi wants to take the subway but Ms. Sarbi wants to take a taxi

Ms. Sarbi is refusing to take the subway but Mr. Sarbi doesn’t want to spend the extra money for the taxi. By subway, they can go to Jungang-ro for only 2,200 won.
(1 person: 1,100 won/No section rates)

We are already worried about the troubled date.

Walking to the left from the Dong-Daegu Station entrance, you’ll arrive at the subway station which is connected directly to train station.

To be continued …


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