Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Shopping Spree in Dongsungro, epicenter of fashion in Daegu ~~ YAY!

There are so many fun things to do in Dongsungro such as shopping, Wine&dining and clubbing.
Today, I want to tell you about where to shop in Dongsungro.

You don’t need to spend too much time for shopping in Dongsungro, especially on Rodeo Street, because all the stores are so closely spaced.  

At Daegu department store and Lotte Yong Plaza, there are hot designer shops, brand shops, snap up clothing sections, and accessories for less than the wholesale price.

Find what you're looking for yourself or great gifts for your friends and family In Dongsungro~~~~ :)

Lotte Yong Plaza

Lotte Yong Plaza can be a great choice for people at the age of 20-30.

There are lots of shops for clothings, accessories, shoes and makeups.
You can watch a movie at the CGV Theater on the 5th floor.


Ixnmilano has a theater as well.
Most of the time they offer bargain sales and the items here are relatively lower priced.

Daegu Department Store (DEBEC)

The 1st floor of Daegu Department Sotre is like a representative lively Dongsungro rendezvous.
Most of the young people would choose DEBEC area as the most common meeting point in Dongsungro.

They have clothing, kitchen tools, accessories, shoes, makeup, furniture, electronics etc.

Cosmetics Stores

On the way to DEBEC from Ixnmilano, there are several cosmetic stores on the right side of the street.

The salesgirls will give you free samples on the street.

Brand Shops

There are so many brand shops in Dongsungro as well.
The road forked off in two directions from the stage in front of DEBEC. This place is right in the middle of everything.
Many brand shops are located on those 2 streets in rows.

Let’s go right.

Brand clothing stores, chip clothing shops, cosmetic shops, restaurants on the 2nd floor…

Let’s go left this time.

Sports clothing stores, Footwear stores, boutiques …

The 2 streets are connected to each other.

Road Shopping – Rodeo Street

You can shop at chipper price on Rodeo Street than Lotte Yong Plaza or DEBEC.

Nail Shops

At the end of the Rodeo Street, cute small nail shops are waiting for ladies.

How about going shopping in Dongsungro for this weekend?
Off we go~~~!