Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Make a fun-filled day with the upcoming Festivals in Sep in Daegu

Adieu to all the fellas from the world who came to Daegu to eyewitness the IAAF World Championships Daegu 2011.

Deagu’s No 1 event in 2011, the World Chams just came to an end last Sunday. It has been really fun to watch both on the TV and sns.

Now, what should we focus on and take advantage of next??

Yes, Festivals in Daegu!!
I’ve got 3 major festivals below that will happen in Sep in Daegu.

I will never going to stop exploring Daegu since there are always new stuffs around the city that will make us ooh and ahh!

Revival of Gyeongsang Gamyeong Customs

Image source: Official Website of Daegy Tourism Axxociation http://www.daegutravel.or.kr/

When: 1:00PM ~4:00PM / Every Sat / Apr, Mar, Jun, Sep, Oct 2011
Where: Gyeongsang Covernor’s Park
Contact: 053-803-3884

Events and Experiences

Inspire the citizen and tourists with historical consciousness and provide them with unique attractions such as inspection & marching ceremony, momentum time signaling ceremony, patrolman activities, etc. by reviving the traditional customs in the era of Chosun Dynasty where Gyeongsang local government was located at that time, and cultivate it as a traditional culture tourism goods.

Operate differentiated tour experiencing programs regularly 22 times a year (every Saturday) for the domestic and foreign visitors to Daegu, and contribute to the increase of central city tourists through performance of the arrival rounding parade of Gyeongsang governor linked with the Dongseongro festival.


Event Details
-  Momentum time signaling ceremony, gate keeper switchover ceremony, inspection & marching ceremony (demonstration of martial arts)

-  Folk party events (folk dance, Korean drumming ensemble, etc.)

-  Ethnic customs experiencing events (sedan chair riding, wearing traditional costumes, experiencing implement of punishment, traditional games, etc.)

-  Gyeongsang governor’s arrival rounding parade, 2 times (linked with Dongseongro festival)

How to get here

Subway Jungang-ro Station > 5 minutes' walk towards Mankyeong-gwan

Otgol Cultural Festival

When: 24 Sep 2011 ~ 25 Sep 2011
Where: Gwaneum playground
Contact: 053-313-0666

Events and Experiences

The 17th festival hosted by Chilgok Youth Service Committee, an indigenous civilian organization in the Gangbuk district, opening for 3 days with various programs to provide pleasant memories for the harmony of local residents by operating resident participation programs.


Event Details
- Youngster’s dance contest, Youth song festival, Belly dance, Magic show, and so on
- Otgol song festival, Performance of invited singers, Fireworks, etc.
- Writing contest (composition, drawing), Children’s stockings competition, Women’s arm wrestling competition, etc.

Special Events
Horse riding experience, Korean paper crafting, Dart game, and so on

How to get here

Daegu Buk-gu Art Center Bus stop
719, Chilgok 1, Chilgok 2, 937

Daegu International Opera Festival

Image source: http://club.cyworld.com/4rd-operaphile

When: 28 Sep 2011 ~ 29 Oct 2011
Where: Opera House
Contact: 053-666-6111~3
Website: http://www.diof.org/opera2011/

Events and Experiences

Daegu International Opera Festival has opened high class performances of more than 50 troupes from 12 countries on the stage from 2003 to 2010, and more than 160 thousand spectators have visited. It is a representative brand festival of Daegu receiving hot compliments from the media and spectators year after year, which is the only international opera festival of the same scale in Asia.
Starting with “Pre-Daegu International Opera Festival” in 2003, it has invited the opera & ballet works of the original hometown up to 2010, such as Rome Opera Troupes (22004, Italy), Mussorgsky National Opera Theater (2004, Russia), Salerno Municipal Theatre (2005, Italy), Czech National Theater (2005), Karlsruhe National Theater (2006~2009, Germany), Bucuresuti National Opera (2006, Rumania), Schoenbrunn Court Puppet Theater (2007, Australia), Luca Theater (2007, Italy), Tokyo Opera Production (2007, Japan), Sophia National Opera Theater (2007, Bulgaria), National Aterballetto (2007, Italy), Darmstadt National Theater (2008, Germany), and Mikhailovskii National Theater (2010, Russia). It also has executed the introduction of advanced technique and human exchange through co-production or sisterhood relationship, and made up the festival together with excellent opera troupes and vocalists in Korea.
Like this, Daegu International Opera Festival is showing up various operas using the superior cultural infra home and abroad and playing the role of Asian performance cultural hub. It has taken over the 1st ranking in the music field and 3rd ranking in the performance field at the 2006 evaluation result of the fiscal support projects by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, which is recognized as the best music festival by receiving excellent rankings up to now since 2004. It has achieved marvelous outcome of advancing Korean vocalists and producers to Europe in 2009, particularly, producing and performing the cowork opera of Asian 6 countries successfully in 2010 to fix up its location as a performance hub venue in the eastern Asia. In the same year, it has notified the superiority of Korean opera worldwide through the overseas advance for the first time in the opera festival history. It is planning to advance overseas in 2011 with the invitation of Karlsruhe National Theater in Germany.
Daegu International Opera Festival is not staying in its success as it is now, but trying to leap up newly for advancing as a world festival in 2011 as well as a genuine local festival.


Special Events
Backstage Tour, Opera Zone, Pre-Concert, Aria communication
Daegu International Opera Festival, Opera Grand Prize, Go and See Opera Walking, etc.

Opening Ceremony
- Andre Kim Fashion Show, Fashion for Opera People
- Korean Pops Orchestra Opera Open Concert

Opera Performance
- Turandot (Cowork of Daegu International Opera Festival Organization Committee/Daegu Municipal Opera)
- Love Potion (Cowork of 3 theaters in Goyang/Daejeon/Daegu)
- Ace marksman (Karlsruhe national Theater/Germany)
- Won’s Mom (Pohang Opera Troupe)
- Carmen (Royal Opera Troupe)

Special Events
- Opera 4 People 4 Colors
- Starring role audition of Karlsruhe National Theater/Germany
- Master class by invited producer, Achim Thorwald

How to get here

Bus - 323-1/323, 300, 730, 704

Source: http://tour.daegu.go.kr/eng

Alright! I’m ready to go Oohing and Ahhing. Anyone want to join me?


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