Sunday, September 18, 2011

Herbhillz turned to Eco Theme Park with so many fun things to do

It’s impossible not to have heard of Herbhillz if you live in Daegu.
It has different themes in each season.

I has Herb Garden, Small valley, Animal Show, Eco Adventure, Metasequoia Road and Herb Experience Center etc.

If you pass through the front gate at night, you will see many fireflies.

Phytoncide Square

Phytoncide in Herbhills~~~
Phytoncide Squre is filled with pine trees, which is great for phytondie.
I felt soooo fresh with clean air soaking my feet in the babbling ford.

Metasequoia Road

A metasequoia releases oxygen 5 times more than a pine tree does.
It’s pretty hard to see metasequoias in Korea.
I heard there are metasequoia roads in Damyang and Nami Island as well.

Animal Show

Enjoy the show of cute animals~~~~

It’s an open play by sea cats, parrots, monkeys, pigeons, lambs, pigs, ginea pig, ducks, and puppies.
The story is about conservation of nature.

Herb Valley

Herb valley is famous for healthy forest in summer, beautiful autumnal leaves in fall.
It’s still hot in Daegu so I guess it should the right place for my weekend.

Eco Adventure

Herbhillz’ Eco Adventure is the largest place for an eco leports in Asia.

With the wooden structures, wires and ropes etc, it offers 6 different courses such as Monkey, Orangutan, Chimpanzee, King Kong, and Tarzan. The price of each course varies from 8000 to 15,000won and each program takes about 1 hour. I think why they came up with animal names for each course(except for Tarzan) is through the program you can experience how those animals move from tree to tree in forest.

The program starts with safety training.

ZuZu Land

In Herbhillz ZuZu Land there are some animals you can get closer to than other zoos, give food and even touch.

You can buy and feed food for animals here!

Hillz Romentic

In Hillz Romentic 70-80 kinds of herbs scent pleasantly.
They have a lookout up there.

This place is famous for outdoor pre-wedding photography.

Green Tea Garden

Herb Experience Center

They offer fun programs such as Natural Herb Soap making, Herb Flower planting, Topiary making and Woodworking.


Hour: Mon - Fri / 9:30AM – 7:00PM 
Sat, Sun, Holidays / 9:30AM – 8:30PM

Entrance Ticket Price: Mon - Fri / 7000won (Under the age of 18: 5000won)
Sat, Sun, Holidays / 8000won (Under the age of 18: 6000won)

Bus: Express2, 449, 452, 704, Gachang2