Friday, September 16, 2011

Gatbawi (Stone hat)& Bangjja Yugi(brassware) Museum in Mount. Palgong

Have you heard of Mountain Palgong?
It’s one of the most beautiful mountains in Korea.

Gatbawi Buddha is a stone Buddha wearing a Bawi (stone) Gat (Korean traditional hat usually made of bamboo and horsehair).
Many Daegu Buddhists pray before it making a wish.
In Mt. Palgong there are lots of tourist attractions such as famous temples like Donghwasa, Pagyesa and Buinsa, Bangjja Yugi(brassware) Museum and Daegu Safety Theme Park(

Make a wish before Gatbawi Buddha! He will listen J

Gatbawi Buddha (Gwanbongsukjo) built in 638 is Korea’s national treasure number 431.
You have to go up 15,00 stairs to meet him tho. L
The mountain pass is a bit steep so you will have to wear gym shoes (sneakers).
Hope you can enjoy beautiful scenery here.

Bangjja Yugi(brassware) Museum

Daegu Bangjja Yugi(brassware) Museum is the only museum for old Korean brassware in Korea.
Lee Bong Joo designated as an important intangible cultural asset number 77 in 1983 spent his whole life completing and collecting various Bangjja Yugis.
Daegu Bangjja Yugi(brassware) Museum exhibits his precious and unique brassware colletions.

You can learn how to make brassware and make your own one here.
They also provide musical performance for children.

When you use a brassware bowl, be careful with hot food since brassware is vulnerable to heat so the color fades easily.

Hope you enjoyed my story about Gatbawi and Banjja Yugi Museum. J
Soon Mt. Palgong will look more beautiful with red and yellow tinted autumnal leaves.
Come visit Mount. Palgong in this fall~~~~