Monday, September 19, 2011

Dongseongno a street of history, a street of youth

A trip down Daegu’s most popular street.

One of the most popular streets in Daegu is Dongseongno Street. Situated in downtown Daegu, this street is where the youth of the city spends most of their time outside of school and work. In this area, between Lotte Young Plaza and Dong-A Department Store, rests many clothing shops.

Dongsung-ro, or East Castle Road as we learned in the previous blogs, is the title of the long street beginning at Daegu Station and continuing through downtown Daegu. You will find many department stores, clothing shops, jewelry stores, restaurants of all varieties, clubs, pubs, and movie theatres.

<1> Daegu Station - Novotel Daegu City Centre Sector

Daegu Station

Daegu Station a long time ago
 Dongseongno became one of the most popular streets of Daegu after the construction of Daegu Station in 1905. During the Korean War this section of the city met many soldier and refugees during the Korean War (1950 to 1953).

Dongseongno’s North Entrance
Here is the northern entrance of Dongseongno, opposite of Daegu station.

Fashion and Jewelry Street
Welcome to a very unique section of Deongseongno, this is the “Gyodong Jewelry Street.” Along this 200m stretch of road you will find many jewelry and accessory shops lined side by side, this is because in the 1970s, this area had developed into a jewelry manufacturing, processing and distribution centre for the city. Even now you can find many affordable, yet beautiful pieces of gold and silver jewelry.

Gyodong Market
After passing through the jewelry shops, you will find the entrance to the Gyodong Market. This market is different, as it does not cell produce like other traditional markets. The Gyodong Market is known for selling tools, hardware, electronics, and imported goods; in addition to these items the market became popular for selling military boots and uniforms after Korean War.

Dong-A Department Store
After the addition of Dong-A Department Store in the early 1970s, Dongseongno Street quickly became more developed. This store was closed for a few months after it was first constructed due to a large fire damaging much of the interior, but it was quickly reopened and helped to further develop downtown Daegu as the city’s first department store.

Novotel Daegu City Centre
Traveling south, from Dong-A Department Store you will meet the newest addition to Downtown Daegu, the Novotel Daegu City Centre. This building not only hosts the 5 star Novotel Hotel, but is also home to a wedding hall, shopping mall, restaurants, and even a night club.

<2>Hanil Theater-Jungang police station sector

Jungang Underground Shopping Mall

When walking around downtown Daegu you will find most of your shopping needs met, if not head underground to the Jungang Underground Shopping Mall. Located directly underneath Jungangno Street, this mall was created 1976 to help smooth traffic flow in to make smooth traffic flow allowing for easy shopping and multiple entrances allowing for people to safely cross the street underground.

Hanil Theater
Here is Hanil Theatre, the city’s oldest theatre.

Old picture of Hanil Theatre

In 1938 Daegu saw the opening of the Kinema Club, now known as Hanil Theatre. This theatre was well known throughout the country until the late 80s as Daegu’s representative movie theater. To keep up with the times the theatre has adapted and has turned into a quality multiplex cinema.

Street view from Hanil Theatre to Debec Department Store
As one of the representative areas of Dongseongno, the area from Hanil Theatre to Jungang police station was less developed than north area before the 90s. This all changed when the city took great measures to revamp the downtown area.

Debec Department Store
Daegu welcomed its first department store in the centre of Donseongno in 1969. This 11 story department store is one of the most popular hangouts for the younger generation.

The Renovated Donseongno
The recently renovated Dongseongno Street has many different themes, some sections include very nice benches with new trees, others have received sculptures from various local artists, and one very unique section has been styled after a running track. Additionally, in order to help visitors the city has included touch screen kiosks which provides you with local weather and attractions.

Debec Department Store-Jungang Police Station Area
The street from Debec Dept Store to Jungang police station is divided into two routes, both of which are styled after a race track. Along these streets you will find various clothing, shoe, and cosmetic shops.

North street of Debec Department Store
Downtown is not only known for its shopping, you will find many nice restaurants and cafes nestled in-between the ships. If you visit this area during the evening or weekend you will find many of Daegu’s youth.

Yasi Alley
Walking to east bound from Debec Department Store, you will come across the Yasi Alley. Here you will be able to find the latest fashions and many cafes. It is a perfect destination for the shop-a-holic.