Thursday, September 8, 2011

Daegu Espaces – Ecological Park in Daegu

If you want to enjoy the harvest season and beautiful foliage in Korean, visit the Daegu Espaces.
Daegu Espaces is located in Chimsan-dong, Bukgu where the Sinchun River meets the Guemho River.

I’d love to introduce the social enterprice, Daegu Espaces.

What is Daegu Espaces?

‘Espace’ is a French word which means ‘space’. The word is originated from French environmental groups trying to recover the area clean along the Seine River making an ecological park in 1995.

The owner of the Daegu Espaces came to benchmark this French case. So, here it comes, Daegu Espaces!

From 2007, about 33,000m2 land area developed into an ecological park.
500 kinds of flowers and trees (Sunflower, Pasqueflower, Mulberry Tree, etc) are in the park with several artificial wetlands.

You can also see some carved sculptures blending in with its surroundings.
The Daegu Espaces is right place for ecology tour, studying ecology in the open air and relaxing.

They also doing businesses on creation of artificial wetlands for individuals and companies, and environmental projects supported by government.

You can rent a bicycle there.
How about bicycling all across the Shinchun River??

Hour: 11AM – 5PM / Everyday
Price: 1,000won per hour.
Place: Daegu Espaces Nature Experience Center (Mutae Bridge)
*They have bicycles for children too.

There are some Jangseungs at the park entrance greeting us. Jangseung means Korean traditional totem pole mostly made of wood.

Insect sculptures made of wood

Insects help plants reproduce and contribute to soil fertility.

Artificial Wetlands
In many regions, wetlands are the subject of conservation efforts and Biodiversity Action Plans. Wetlands also purify wastewater.

They grow water plants too.

Come to Daegu and stop by at the Daegu Espaces~~
You will have a great ecological experience and get informed of conservation efforts here.


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