Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bang Bang Bang!! Daegu Shooting Range

Daegu Shooting Range is wide open for Daegu visitors. I’m here to tell you my experience at Daegu Shooting Range. I can say it is best shooting range in Korea with 236 shooting boards indoors and spaces for shooting outdoors.

Here is Daegu Shooting Range in Kuemho-dong, Buk-gu, Daegu.
Bang! Bang! I could hear the sound from the parking area.

Do you know that military service is compulsory for Korean men? Many Korean men who already got out of the army would recall their memories of army life.
It always stimulates my curiosity of gun shooting to watch shooting scenes in movies. They say forbidden fruit is always sweet. You may taste one at Daegu Shooting Range ~ :P

It became the largest shooting range in Korea with a great view.
They have Clay pigeon shooting range, Air pistol range, Gunpowder Shooter range and revolver range.
There is a cafeteria as well.
You can call Daegu Shooting Range Leisure Complex.

This place used to be a shooting range only for professionals but now opens to civilians.
It’s getting more popular as a place for a date or family trip.

Safety Training

The rules of Daegu Shooting Range require staff to provide safety training.

You have to sign on the safety instruction paper saying the company cannot accept liability for any damage caused.

Clay Clay pigeon shooting

Always remember~~ concentration!!

He is a professional shooter from Ulsan Korea.

You must wear earplugs to protect your ears from a loud gun report, special vest for shock absorption and special glasses.
You can bring your used bullets home as souvenirs.
1 round (25 shots) is 20,000 – 30,000won including a gun, earplugs and vest.

Enjoy your stay at the Daegu Shooting Range with its beautiful scenery this season and good shooting!

Address: 40 Kuemho-dong Buk-gu Daegu
Tel: 053-302-0000

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