Monday, September 26, 2011

Asia Song Festival Coupon Download

The second round of coupon download starts at PM 1:00, September 30 (Fri.).

You may download the coupons from entrance ticket menu on our Web site.

(Foreigners may download from the Web site in your relevant language.)

Only one coupon per person is issued.

Those who have downloaded coupons during the first round, may not download.

You must exchange the coupon with an entrance ticket on the date of the event at the Daegu Stadium for the entry into the stadium.

 (* the location of the ticket exchange booth will be announced at a later date)

For details, please refer to the entrance ticket menu.

Thank you for your interest.

Performers for Main Performance


Super Junior

Girl’s Generation

Lee Seung Gi



Peter Ho

Hong Kong

Leo Ku


BiBi Chou


Tata Young

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