Monday, September 19, 2011

2011 Daegu International Bodypainting Festival - So Colorful

The fantastic event of world’s best bodypainting artists was held last August in Daegu.
Let me show you my colorful experience at 2011 Daegu International Bodypainting Festival.

This splendid artistic event was performed at the Kolon Field Concert Hall in Duryu Park.
After successful hosting of IAAF World Championships Daegu2011, Daegu city gorgeously completed the second world festival, 2011 Daegu International Bodypainting Festival.

People gathered at the venue and couldn’t just stop saying WOW watching beautiful and creative designs.

Let’s go into specifics, shall we~~??

The artists from all over the world were competing to win at the 3 fields of Photoenic Model, Fantasy Makeup and Bodypainting.
The place was filled with festivalgoers and photographers.

There were congratulatory performance of singers, B-boying, rock performance, a fireworks show, unique painting experience for visitors, free facepainting and nail art services.

While watching the show, one might think like this ‘How they gonna cleanse their body? Tons of work…’

Well, they say it’s not that much. Cleansing cream would clean up the body easily.

A synthetic art – Bodypainting!!
While painting, they have to concentrate on the details and overall design making a plan about model pose and movement.
Normally it takes 6 hours to finish. Little harsh for the models.. :(

Pictures just can’t express the splendid art enough. I think you should watch them in person to feel the charms of stereoscopic and dynamic bodypainting art.

Hope I can visit the festival next year as well!! J