Thursday, September 8, 2011

2011 Asia Song Festival - Perfume, Peter Ho, Leo Ku, BiBi Chou, Tata Young

Asia Song Festival is very famous for its star cast around Asia since 2004.

Ayumi Himasaki and F4 were participating in the 1st Asia Song Festival. Japan's Top-Idols Arashi had a performance in the 3rd Asia Song Festival. Also, Japan's AKB48, China's Jane Zhang, and Thailand's Bie the Start gave us a wonderful time last year.

Which singers will present breathtaking performances? lol

I'll let you know from now on! 

From Japan, the most popular techno-pop group Perfume will be participating to show Asian fans their first performance in Korea in the 2011 Asia Song Festival.

Perfume has revealed their ability to cross various musical boundaries by performing house, lounge and electronic genres in addition to techno.

They are currently the most popular group in Japan and have acquired a broad spectrum of fans all across Asia.

Don't miss the opportunity to be mesmerized by their charm! 

Peter Ho, an active popular singer, actress and model in Taiwan will be participating too.

Since his casting in the drama ‘Aegean Sea’ with Che-Rim in 2004, he has had many ties with Korea including his starring in the movie ‘Sophie’s Love Manual’ as Zhang Ziyi’s boyfriend with So Ji Seop in 2009.

In the previous year, he has been the center of issue by remaking Baek Ji Young’s ‘Like Being Shot by a Gun’ as an opening song of the Taiwan’s most highly rated drama ‘Pao Mo Zhi Xia’.
Will the man of versatile talents able to satisfy his Asian fans’ expectancies?

Come see the Asia Song Festival in the Daegu stadium for yourself! 

Hong-Kong’s famous actor, singer and emcee, Leo Ku (Ku Kui Kei) will also greet his fans in the 2011 Asia Song Festival.

As a star musician, Ku Kui Kei currently has released 35 albums, recording a sale of 9 million.  

In addition, the current Asia Song Festival will become the first stage for Leo Ku to perform in Korea, and he is planning to give his best performance.

China's BiBi Chou (Zhou Bichang) has confirmed her attendance, marking as the woman who provoked a national sensationalism in China from being the greatest issue in as a finalist in an audition program in 2005. 

The upcoming Asia Song Festival will be BiBi Chou’s first performance in Korea

Her performance stirred the entire nation of China are greatly anticipated.

Lastly, the nationally renowned singer ‘Tata Young’ from Thailand will be participating.

She is currently the best female singer representing Thailand, playing all grounds in the Thailand entertainment industry as an active actress and a model. 

She has participated as the Asian representative singer during the Michael Jackson Memorial Concert, and worked with world stars like Jennifer Lopez and Nelly on the 2002 FIFA World Cup Celebratory Album.

I’m already counting down to the BIG day! 

Why don't you come around to visit Daegu this year?