Tuesday, September 6, 2011

1st Line up of Asia Song Festival 2011 – #1 Ticket info

Please pay attention, all the Kpop fans!! The lineup of the long-awaited Asia Song Festival has been unveiled.
The ‘2011 Asia Song Festival’ is the 8th music festival conducted as of this year, scheduled to be opened in the Daegu Stadium, to celebrate the ‘Daegu World Championship in Athletics’ and ‘2011 Daegu Visit Year’.
Below is info about the festiv.

Date: Oct 15 (Sat) 2011

Venue: Daegu Stadium


About the ticket

1. You may download free coupons for the <2011 Asia Song Festival> through our Web site.

2. Upon checking your ID at the coupon exchange booth in the Daegu Stadium, we will exchange the coupon with an entrance ticket. You cannot be admitted with only free coupons.

How to download the exchange coupon

1. If you are a foreigner, you must enter your English name, Passport number and Email address to download the EXCHANGE COUPON.

2. As those who try to sign up as a group through a fan club don’t need to receive the exchange coupon, please do not apply for tickets twice. 

3. EXCHANGE COUPON can be exchanged to 1 actual ticket. Only one person can be admitted by one ticket.

4. There might be some problems with connecting to a website due to overloading issues on the start date of downloading the exchange coupon. We recommend you to download it after 10pm which is people is not likely to do it.

How to exchange entrance tickets

1. You may exchange the ticket from 12 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. on October 15, the date of the concert.

2. Upon checking your ID at the coupon exchange booth in the Daegu Stadium, we will exchange the coupon with an entrance ticket. (*the location of the ticket exchange booth will be announced at a later date)

Entrance information

1. People will enter the stadium on a first come basis from 3 p.m. on the date of the concert. (Saturday, October 15)

2. Please complete your entry into the stadium by 5:30 p.m.

Information for fan club

1. We receive applications of the fan club for a group watching

2. Managers should send a list of participants (name, date of birth, email addreses, contacts) to asongfe@gmail.com by Sunday, October 3.

3. We will notice exact amount of entrance tickets to manager individually, and entrance tickets will be distributed to manager on the day of the festival. Please make sure for fan club managers to fill in contact numbers

4. Fan club seats will be allotted considering the situation of other seats. Fan clubs which are made temporarily with the purpose of applying for entrance tickets will not accepted.

5. Fan clubs which are made temporarily for applying for admission tickets will not accepted.

How to apply as foreigners

1. It is possible to print free coupons after filling in English name, passport number, email address on downloading page

2. For questions on the coupons, contact us at asongfe@gmail.com.

3. Only one person can be admitted by one ticket.

4. Only those who are with passport will be admitted on the day of the show

Admission to the event

- You need to exchange the downloaded EXCHANGE COUPON for the actual ticket.

- Coupon exchange: Ticket exchange offices on Oct.15th. 12:00pm~17:30pm

- Admission starts at 15:00 on the day of the event (Saturday, October 15) on the first come, first-served basis.

- Please be seated by 17:30.

- Check the Section No. on your ticket for your seat.

- Check the “How to get here” menu for the location of the venue.

- Parking lot is expected to be congested. Please use the public transportation for your own convenience.

- You can check more information on our official website: www.asf.or.kr

The Exchange coupon of 2011 Asia Song Festival downloading service will be informed soon.


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