Monday, August 22, 2011

Which Bar to go tonight? – Bars on the Dongsungro street in Daegu

Planning to hang out with friends tonight in Daegu? But have no idea where to go? How about going to a bar and getting buzzed à drunk à wasted? :P

Dongsungro is a great area for shopping drinking and clubbing. Let me show you some tips for the drinking part now.

Korean styled bar, "Pojangmacha" in Daegu

 Pojangmacha literally means “covered wagon” in Korean. It refers to small tented restaurants on wheels, or street stalls in South Korea. It most commonly serves Korean drink, Soju and Makguly with various kinds of side dishes. (Don’t worry they have beer too. *o* ) But the place I want to show you here is Pojangmacha to be found in the building, not out on the street.

In Korea, there were lots of Pojangmachas in 1970s - 1980s. You can see the old fashioned products and interior design at this bar.
Old comic books, an unfashionable public phone booth, and the phrase on the telephone pole saying “Beware of Fire” would look so familiar to old Korean people.

Old Korean people may feel ‘Jeong’ with their own old memories at this place.
Many foreigners would ask “ What’s this ‘Jeong’ that Korean people talk about?”
Well, It’s really hard to explain, but I say it’s that particular feeling of affection for and caring about someone after spending a lot of time together.

Name: Honggooruma
Address: 2nd floor, 56-2 Samduk 1st Street, Jung-goo, Daegu (It’s near the club Pasha^^)

Luxurious Lounge in Daegu

If you want to go to a Western bar, I recommend this ‘9bar’. Get some cocktails or shots with your peeps here! Don’t get hammered tho~;>
At late night this place changes to a club. WOW

Dance to the strong beat while the owner of the bar is DJing.
The ower himself starts DJing whenever he feels like making some beats. So enjoy the sound here.

You will be WOW again with the menu because it’s on the IPAD. So unpredictable!
If you’re new to the drink, you can check the picture of it on the IPAD.

Name: 9bar (Nine Bar)
It’s on the Rodeo Street.

Wine Bar in Daegu

When I get off work and feel like drinking, then Soju suddenly irresistibly pops in my head … I’m so Korean, right? -o-
But I’m thinking about enjoying some wine and cheese tonight after work at this place.

Welcome to the D 수줍거나 머뭇거리거나 가슴떨리거나; it literally means "when you get shy, hesitate or fall in love" in Korean, where the light is low and romance is in the air. There are private rooms with see through curtains. Such a cozy place to hang out~

One thing I have to let you know about the place is there is no bar or chair for drinking. You will kindly be seated on the floor in one of the private rooms.
If you couldn’t finish up your wine, you can keep it at the place and get it some other time.

Creatively designed interiors will capture your eyes.
Enjoy your wine sip by sip.

Name: D 수줍거나 머뭇거리거나 가슴떨리거나 (D Sujubguna Mumudguriguna Gasmdduliguna)
Address: 21-9, 1st Street, Samdukdong, Jung-goo, Daegu

Drink on the Bus in Daegu

Woo, the Bus is so famous for young clubbers in Daegu, cause it’s located right beside the club G2, one of the hottest clubs in Daegu.
Anyway, why the name Bus? Because it IS a real Bus!

It is not illegal to drink on a bus anymore as long as you are at this special Bus in Dongsunro. :o

It doesn’t really look like a bus on the 1st floor though. Hmm.. looks more like a club.

But once you get on the 2nd floor, you might feel like you are on a real bus.
Good thing they serve several free snacks for all customers.

Name: Bus
Address: 52-1 Samduk-dong, Jung-goo, Daegu

Ready to roll? Come by one of those above and hang out for a night or two~
You will make some unforgettable memories in Dongsungro, Daegu.
Woo, gotta make some phone calls to my friends for the nightout~^o^
Everybody enjoy the night! :>


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