Friday, August 19, 2011

Traffic Information during the IAAF World Championships

The IAAF World Championships in Daegu are just around the corner. :D

During the IAAF World Championships Daegu 2011, it is predicted that streets near the Daegu Stadium and the Marathon Course route will be closed to traffic. Please use convenient public transportation rather than private cars. 

Intra-city bus detour service operation and traffic control upon road race

◈ Events and detour service overview

 ❍ Marathon
  - Date: Women – 27 August (Sat), Men – 4 September (Sun.) 09:00
  - Course : Loop course(15㎞×2Lap, 12.195㎞×1Lap)
  - Detour path: (East and west direction) Taepyeongno•Dusanno
                      (South and north direction) Seoseongno • Sincheon expressway

Marathon Course

 ❍ Race walk
  - Date: 28 August (Sun., Men 20㎞), 31 August (Weds., Women 20㎞), 3 September (Satu., Men 50㎞)
  - Course : Gukchaebosang-ro 1㎞(Jung-gu Office~Hanil Theater)
  - Detour path: (East and west direction) Taepyeongno•Dalgubeol expressway
                      (South and north direction) Seoseongno • Sincheon expressway

Race Walk Course

◈ Traffic control 

 ❍ Marathon
  - Time: 08:00~12:00 (Gukchaebosang Memorial Park region: completely closed from 06:00)
  - Time available for traffic: After ambulance at the tail of a queue passes ~ 15 minutes before leading group arrives
  - Part of marathon course is always open.  
   • Dongdaeguro (Dusan junction→Beomeo junction): the other side of the road that is not used for marathon race
   • Traffic island in Jung-gu: Kyungpook University Hospital → right turn at Cool Mart in Samdeok-dong→Sincheon expressway
   • Traffic island in the northern area of Suseong-gu: left turn at Hwaseong Ssangyong APT → Sincheondongro
  ※ Detour at the west of loop course upon Women's Marathon (27 August)
   • Seodaegu IC → Taepyeongno → Sincheon bridge → Dongdaegu Station R → Hyomok R → Manchon R → Stadium
   • Sincheon expressway(Lower) → Chimsan bridge → Bokhyeon junction →  Hyomok overpass → Gomoro → Stadium
   • Sincheon bridge → U-turn towards City Hall → Dongdaegu Station junction → Hyomok underpass → Stadium
   • Sincheon expressway(Upper)→Kyungdae bridge→Daegu Technical High School R→Sincheon R→Dongdaegu Station R→Hyomok underpass→Stadium

 ❍ Race walk
  - Vicinity of Gukchaebosang Memorial Park and course: Completely closed from 6 am to 12 pm (50㎞- 05:00 ~ 14:00)
  - Street available for traffic: Street in front of Bukwang Union Surgery (west of Dongin overpass) is open to two-way traffic. 

Increase in the number of subway trains

□ How to : Keeping a minimum interval of 5 minutes (Day of opening ceremony)
□ Operating hours 
 ❍ Morning: 3 hours before events(07:00~10:00) / 2 hours after   events(13:00~15:00)
 ❍ Afternoon: 3 hours before events(16:00~19:00) / 2 hours after  events(23:00~01:00)


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