Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Get Trendy Hairstyle at 30% off Price in Daegu

 If your hair looks great, you feel great.

In celebration for the Daegu vist year the city prepared a beauty tour club program for Daegu visitors and foreigners who currently live in Daegu.
It’s not a real club though. It just provides you a 30% off coupons.

They say there are lots of beautiful women in Daegu. (Hmm.. As a Daegu woman, I agree to that. LOL)
I think gorgeous hairstyle makes a woman look prettier.
If you want to get silky hair, join the Daegu beauty tour club~~

There are about 50 official hair salons providing 30% discount near or in Dongsungro.

How to participate?

1.   You have to make a reservation through the website to get a discount.  (Today’s reservation not accepted) 
2.   You will get reservation number via text message.
3.   Visit the hair salon on the reserved date.
4.   Show your txt message with reserv number and ID card.
5.   Time for a hair makeover!!

This is the map showing the listed hair shops with red spots.

Hope you like your new hairstyle~~^______________________________^


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