Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Discover Coolest Cafes in Daegu


Hang out at the special cafes in Daegu~~

How is your summer going?
Have you enjoyed sun enough?
Have you got enough tan?
Going off to the beautiful beach or a swimming pool would be good ways to escape the hot weather but you can enjoy your summer life in some cool places like unusual cafes in Daegu too.

There are lots of unique cafes in Dongsungro, the downtown area in Daegu.
Discover them with your friends or date! ;p
Need a place for girls nights out?
Need a place for a romantic date with your bf/gf?
Drop by at one of them with your people! How could you not have a great time?

Now, follow me~!

Daegu Wedding Café

It has been in Dongsungro for 7 years already.
You’ll Love Daegu City in this café for just two of you.

You can take pictures in Wedding dress and tuxedo.
Plus, with all those photos taken you can get your own album.

In the dressroom, you can pick any of fine jewelry and beautiful dresses. Since this café has artistic interior, some online shopping mall photographers use it for indoor photographing.

In this place, you can also take family shots.
Many couples and families visit it for their private shootings.
Actually, the owner of this café had his own wedding photos taken there.

A lot of couples, engaged couples, families and even foreign couples visit this café these days.
Make some joyful memories at the Daegu Wedding Café!

Daegu Tarot Café

It’s the Daegu Tarot Cafe located near the Gallery Zone building.
Opened 1 year ago, it quickly became one of the hot cafes in Daegu.

In this place, you can try Egyptian, French and Italian Tarots.

Wanna see the future or even learn more about the past?
Ask the owner, a forturn teller, and find answers. ^^
If you have bunch of questions, visit the place in the afternoon since it’s less busy during the daytime.

With the fancy Tarot card reading, it offers extensive menu such as tasty meals and all kinds of beers.

Antic furniture and dim lighting might give you mysterious air.
Daegu Tarot Café will surely be a highlight you’ll remember for a long time.

Daegu Café with Beds

Got tired from shopping?
Need some rest in the bed for a while in Dongsunro?
Take off your shoes and get in the bed at this café!
With bright lighting and everything arranged neatly this café can be a perfectly cozy place for you.

This unique place for couples, office workers, and students has not only comfortable beds but also regular seats.

Don’t get too loosen up though, since it’s a public place. :p
You can see many college students studying here during the exam period.
It offers Tarrot card reading, beverage and coffee.

Daegu Teddy Bear Restaurant

The last place I want to recommend is the Teddy Bear ResCafe in Daegu.
Tired of regular cafés and looking for a place decorated with cute items like Teddy Bears?
If so, you will be highly tickled at the Teddy Bear Restaurant in Daegu.

As soon as you get in the place, adorable Teddy Bears will catch your eyes. 

This restaurant is also known to couples, college students and office workers.
You can use snack bar as long as you order a meal.

See the biggya in the pics above? Looks like he wants to use some company. ^O^
You will often find children playing with Teddy Bears at this place.
On a special day, how about wine and dine at the Teddy Bear restaurant in Daegu?

In summer, such humid weather in Daegu makes me say…”No desire for nothing.. ugh..”
Then I occasionally have some unique fun at above unusual cafés in Daegu.
Hang out on your special day, or simply relax with iced coffee or a bottle of beer at those cafés.

Wedding Cafe
Name: 드레스향( Dresshyang )
Address: 2nd floor 59-2 Gongpyeongdong, Jung Gu, Daegu

Tarot Cafe
Name:  Café집 ( Café Jib )
Address: 2nd floor, 17-13 Samdukdong 1street, Jung Gu, Daegu

Cafe with Beds
Name: 투헤븐 ( Toheaven )
Tel: 053-256-5227 

Teddybear Cafe
 Name: 테스 ( TES )
Address: 53-10 Gongpyeongdong, Jung Gu, Daegu


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