Thursday, August 11, 2011

Daegu Tour Stamp Trail - Let’s collect the stamp in the Old House Of Lee Sang-hwa

Among various ways, lead to the old house of Lee Sang-hwa, we decided to take the way heading to Gyesan Cathedral.

Go to Mangyeonggwan Movie Theater from Gyeongsang-gamyeong Park and walk one block straight to Gwak hospital then walk toward Gyesan Cathedral until find the house.

Daegu Gyesan Cathedral
This Cathedral was built in early 1900s with beautiful Gothic stained glass windows inside. 

The wall on the road from Gyesan Cathedral to the old house of Lee Sang-hwa is faced tile of Korean flag and portrait of Lee Sang-hwa, Seo Sang-don.

The poet Lee Sang-hwa’s famous poetry 'Does Spring Come on the Field, deprived from Us?' is engraved on the street block. 

Alley to the old house of Lee Sang-hwa

The left is the old house of Lee Sang-hwa and next building is the old house of Seo Sang-don. 

As mentioned above, Lee was national poet who resisted tyranny of Japan.
Sir. Seo Sang-don encouraged Foreign Debt Redemption Movement in Japanese ruling era.

The house of Lee was on the verge of demolition but people made every efforts to preserve this historical site. Stamp seal is available at place for guest book.

In this plaza, the historical play named ‘The old alley alive’ is held on every sunny Saturday at 11 AM except the last week of Jun and the first week of Aug.

-Written by blogger press Yoo-Kyung, Jung


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