Monday, August 22, 2011

Daegu Tour Stamp Trail - Daegu Hyanggyo Confucian School

Until now, we have been looking around Gyeongsang-Gamyeong Park, Daegu Modern History Museum, old house of Sanghwa Lee and Daegu Yangyeongsi oriental medicine cultural center. 

It’s time to collect another stamp in Daegu Hyanggyo where used to be national institution to educate disciples to learn the doctrines of Confucius and traditional culture of other saints in the Joseon Dynasty. 

During the Japanese ruling era, moved to current isolated location for the fear of being center of independence movement in 1932.

The main entrance of school called ‘Oesammun’ which is well managed as much as not feel any signs of time. 

Next to the stairs, a monument called ‘Hamabi’ which means get off a horse anyone who want to pass by. 

When I opened door, saw the appearance of calm and quiet Hyanggyo at a glance. 

The first one caught my eyes was the statue of jade-made Confucius donated by Qingdao city, China.

With statue as the center, there are Myeongryundang similar to a classroom and Dongje/Seoje like the dormitory for students on the right side and Nakyukje like current national library and laboratory where stored lots of books and references on the left side.



There is an annex of Hyanggyo called ‘Yangsaje’ where used to be a library and a test site for Hyanggyo entrance exam.


On the opposite side of Yangsaje, there’s a building called ‘Daesungjeon shrine’ where keeps mortuary tablets of Confucius as well as twenty Chinese and Korean sages.

Daesungjeon shrine

Hyanggyo is holding the memorial service with incense burning monthly and ritual of Buddhist scripture every spring and fall.

For more detailed information of various events, please visit its homepage at

Stamp is available at main entrance of Hyanggyo.

-Written by blogger press Yoo-Kyung, Jung


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