Thursday, July 23, 2020

Shall we walk along the Sincheon river trail in Daegu?

If there is Han River in Seoul, there is Sinchon in Daegu, right?

I think it's really nice to be able to get a little out of the dense city of Daegu and meet the green trees with cool river.

Today, we will introduce Daegu's Sinchon walking trail!
This is a place that Daegu citizens will be familiar with. This is Sincheon, Daegu.

This place has been the home of Daegu citizens since the time when people settled around the waterway.

In spring, migratory birds nest, and in summer, they become children's water playgrounds.
It is a place where Daegu citizens can relax and exercise for a long time.

There's an otter, a clean stream in the city centre.
It's a clean stream where otters, which are endangered animals, live.

Including otters, there are a variety of rare animals and plants.

I can feel how much we live with nature as it is said that various rare wild animals live in Sincheon, downtown Daegu.

Many mallard ducks float on the water under underwater beams, and you can also see many birds.

On the upper side of Sincheon-dunchi, there is a motorway called Sincheon-daero to the west and Sincheon-dong-ro to the east.

It's a good place to walk and ride a bike. You can walk and exercise with fresh air.
I saw a lot of people stretching all over the place!

a place where you can meet cool scenery

Although the weather is getting hotter, citizens who visit Sincheon, a resting place in the city center, are constantly visiting.
If you look at the river with cool winds and soaring fountains, you will feel as cool as the sweat that flows quickly cools down.
There were many people who played tennis or badminton. It was hot, but I was impressed that you were wearing a mask.

Perfect for walking trails and riding courses.

Sincheon, the lifeline of Daegu, is a stream that flows in the eastern part of Daegu and is also called the Han River in Daegu.

It has bike paths and rest areas.
Sinchon has a good bike lane, so you can see many cyclists doing exercise.
It is also popular with riders because you can run while looking at fresh wind and water.

Sincheon offers Daegu citizens a wide-open walkway with a unique look throughout the four seasons.

The weather is hot, but the heat will go away if you look at the fresh green leaves and the cool flowing Sincheon River.
Visit Sincheon, a precious healing place in the complex city center!

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