Thursday, May 7, 2020

Hwawon Recreation Forest : Where you can feel the nature

Don't you ever miss the nature full of grass in your hectic life?

For those of you who must be tired in many ways, 

I would like to introduce you to the Hwawon Recreation Forest, 

a place where you can take a rest while traveling in downtown Daegu.

The Hwawon Recreation Forest has many things to see and enjoy, 
including accommodation, water playground, forest bath, observatory, and hiking trail.

First of all, in the case of the trail, there are roads stretching in various directions.
Among them, I would like to recommend you a walkway to the temple called Yongmunsa, located behind the recreational forest.
It's a walkway from the entrance of the recreational forest that goes up the uphill road after passing the accommodation.​

As you climb up, you will find pinwheels that return with cool winds, and sprouts that bloom under warm sunlight.
You can only enjoy the natural recreation forest here, such as the refreshing grass smell that you can only feel in nature.

If you walk up the sprout trail for about 10 minutes, you'll see a row of tiles.
If you turn your head and look forward, you can see Yongmunsa Temple and the clear sky surrounded by mountains.

I was worried that it would rain the day before the visit and that the sky would continue to be cloudy.
Looking at the nature under such a clear sky, I thought I was worried for nothing :)

If you walk down the road that came up again, you will see several houses made of wooded.
For those of you who have made reservations in advance, we've prepared accommodations for you to stay with the recreational forest for a day.

Also, on the opposite side, there is a water playground where you can enjoy playing in the water with a clear and clean valley.
You don't have to visit faraway places with your family or friends in the upcoming hot summer.
I think it would be a good idea to visit the natural recreation forest in Daegu, which is located close to the city center.

Lastly, there's a special place in the recreational forest that I'm going to introduce to you. It's the Infant Forest Experience Center.
This is a space for families who visit with their children.
If you walk up the trail for about 10 minutes on an adult basis, there are many structures for children to experience.

When I imagine children running away from the desolate city center and running around in the blue nature with the smell of soil, I naturally smile.
It has a variety of programs and structures, including building Indian homes, climbing slopes, crossing rocking bridges, and learning centers in the forest.
If you visit with your child, I recommend you visit there.

Today, I introduced the Daegu Hwawon Yeon Recreation Forest, a place where you can travel and relax in nature.
Please note that the current Corona 19 virus has temporarily shut down accommodations and some recreational forest facilities.
I hope our daily lives will be filled with green as soon as possible, just like the appearance of green nature.

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