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Three meals in Daegu! - Recommend places to eat out in Daegu!

Is everyone having a warm spring day?

Aren't you having a boring, monotonous day with the extension of the Korean government-level social distance by two weeks?

But our citizens of Daegu, the people of Korea, care for our neighbors, and a high sense of citizenship.

I think we will soon be able to solve the current time of Corona 19!

I hope your precious daily life will come soon, and I would like to introduce you to restaurants in Daegu where you can visit after social distance!

The atmosphere is good and the plating is pretty and excellent, so you will be able to feel satisfied even if you look at the pictures!

After a long time, I dressed up with my friend and went out on the street. The pleasant scent of flowers spreads out from the trees standing by the road.

These pink days from winter to spring, I always miss a meal with a good person.

At first glance, the excitement of the spot, which makes a bird sing, chatters and makes it feel alive, is sweet as if to hold a candy in the weary days of the rush of work.



10-1 Sale Building in Science Road, Dong-gu, Daegu
Phone number: 053-962-1072
Business hours: 10:30 to 18:00 brunch time every day, closed on the second and fourth Sundays of every month.

18:00 - 00:00 daily

Junbro, a brunch cafe located in the innovation city. Beverages, brunch menus and dessert menus will be sold until 6 p.m., and coffee, alcohol and snacks will be sold after 6 p.m.

There is also a parking space behind the building.

You can enjoy a variety of desserts, brunch, gnocchi, and rice topped with rice, as well as beer and snacks.

Overall, white-toned interior with a clean atmosphere and emotional wooden furniture are harmonized.

The double-decker structure, which is divided into the first and second floors, gives the impression of being in a sophisticated pension.

There is a hand sanitizer in front of the hygienic open kitchen.

Signature menu American brunch (12,300 won), English brunch (12,900 won),

For drinks, we ordered Americano (3,300 won) and doubleberry mojito (5,300 won).

The food I ordered is kindly served by the staff.

Junbro's brunch stood out more than anything else. It also gives a neat and tidy feeling to a variety of dishes that are filled dishes.

Uniquely, both kinds of brunch had mushrooms in it, which seemed to explain why both savory and fresh scents were included in both menus.

English brunch's pancakes were well blended with whipped cream and were full of flavor.

Natural light coming through the big window creates a good atmosphere for a relaxing breakfast.



M-Plates on the first floor of 16-4 Dalgubol-daero 443-gil, Jung-gu, Daegu
Phone number: 053-422-0508
Business hours: 12:00 to 21:30 every day

M-Plates in Samdeok-dong that I visited for lunch.

It is located in an alley 272m away from Exit 4 of Kyungdae Hospital Station.

There is also a separate parking space.

It opens at 12 p.m., so let's refer to it.

Emotional wooden furniture and antique props glistened under the afternoon sun.

a small yet emotional atmosphere It would also be good to take pictures.

The luxurious yet cute props that seem to be particularly concerned with, and the hand sanitizer placed on each table, make the boss feel delicate.

I ordered four kinds of mushrooms and ricotta mixed dressing salad (KRW 10,000), pochini and galbori (KRW 14,000), truffle oil and spinach potato gnocchi (KRW 14,000).

MPlates' meal also boasted a pretty plating, and the color of the potato gnocchi was so pretty that it was a waste to eat.

The salad is made of four kinds of mushrooms, and the flavor of the mushrooms is pleasant, making it suitable for appetizing with appetizers before the meal. The balsamic sauce and oriental sauce blend with the scent of mushrooms so that they are not excessive.

The hand-kneading truffle oil spinach potato gnocchi was very satisfying for anyone who liked mushrooms and potatoes with spinach cream and truffle oil. The texture was also warm and soft, so I could enjoy it without any burden.

Pocini and Galvori can be called Galvori risotto. Pocini is said to order directly from Gordosan, France. The salty ribs mingled well with the mushrooms.

After a hearty lunch, I enjoyed a walk in the warm sunshine.

In the aftermath of Corona, Samdeok-dong is back in the sun, and quite a few people wear masks and enjoy a cup of coffee in a warm atmosphere.



44-22 Dalgubol-daero 445-gil, Jung-gu, Daegu

Phone number: 053-253-0177
Business hours:
11:30 to 15:30 daily (last order 14:50)
17:00 to 23:00 daily (last order 9:30)
Closed on Monday / Breaktime from 15:30 to 17:00 every day

I visited Samdeok-dong for dinner.

Gasik is one of the restaurants I've always wanted to visit because it's so famous.

A red sign with a wide side gives it a unique retro feel.

From the entrance, the main hall and open kitchen are located, and tables are lined up in the back.

The table in the main hall is uniquely square, making you feel as if you were part of a fun meal party.

Closed on Monday/ It's break time from 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m., so be careful.

There is no parking space, so you'd better use a public parking lot.

I ordered beef steak (35,000 won) and spinach seafood pasta (18,000 won).

Beefsteak is served with tomato marinated, holgrain mustard and spinach salt.

Sauce made of balsamic vinegar and red wine.

The bottom side of the steak is covered with mash potatoes filled with butter, and if eaten with truffle-flavored baked vegetables, it is a icing on the cake.

Spinach Seafood Pasta was light and soft with thick Linguni noodles and the flavor of the spinach well blended seafood and the flavor.

It would be nice to enjoy both menus with wine.

When you think of a passage from a Analects you read one day, you can't help but smile.

I think how much pleasure it is to enjoy three meals a day with a precious friend.

"Isn't it also fun to come from afar with friends? ”

Can you feel the delicious food and a nice indoor atmosphere just by looking at the picture?


There are so many good restaurants in Daegu, so there are so many places to visit, even though there are only three meals a day for those who come to visit!

After setting a social distance, I recommend you to visit the famous restaurants in Daegu and enjoy the good taste and atmosphere.

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