Monday, March 23, 2020

Three scenic night spots in Daegu

These days, I realize that the sun is getting longer as winter passes and spring approaches.
Did you feel that, too?

Last friday (3.20), the spring equates the length of night and day to each other, and gradually the days become longer.
It's time to say good-bye to the fancy coats, isn't it?

You can feel Daegu's night as beautiful as the busy day.
Let me introduce you to three representative attractions with a beautiful night view in Daegu!

1) Cheongna Hill

Cheongna Hill originated in the early 19th century when Christian missionaries planted many ivy in their homes, including the House of Sweetz, the House of Chambers, and the House of Blair.

It is a place where the missionaries lived, such as a house, a medical missionary museum and the first western apple tree in Daegu.
It's beautiful to visit during the day, but it's a place where you can feel calm and peaceful at night.

Cheongna Hill is a great place to walk with loved ones.

2) The observatory on the Ap-san(front mountain)

Unlike Biseul Mountain and Palgong Mountain, which I introduced before, it is located in the center of the city, so you can see the entire city of Daegu at a glance.

At night, you can see the bright city of Daegu, so many photographers come to see us.
Especially on days like fireworks, it's crowded with people!

Located in downtown Daegu, it is a resting place for citizens and a scenic view.

3) 83 Tower

Duryu Park in Dalseo-gu, Daegu City
When Daegu citizen were young, it was a picnic place. And it's a good place to be with a lover and a friend when they become an adult.
The 83 Tower is a place that has given many memories to citizens for a long time.

83 Tower was completed in 1992 and is the second tallest tower in Korea.
It is recreating the traditional architectural beauty of Korea by showing off the octagonal top in the form of Dabotap!
The height of the building is 202m (1,53m + 49m) and it is the tallest building in Daegu.
It would be harder to take pictures so that the 83 Tower is not visible!

It was one of the 12 scenic spots in Daegu, 83 Tower.
We took a look at three night view attractions in Daegu.
All three places have deep memories with the lives of Daegu citizens.

I hope you have a good night : )

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