Monday, March 16, 2020

Natural attractions in Daegu : Biseul, Palgong Mountain and Songhae Park

Are you all taking care of your health? I'm sure many of you are bored and frustrated because you're at home.
These days, it makes us feel how precious everyday life is.

I brought pictures of Daegu's beautiful scenery to calm down your frustrating daily life!
Although we're going through a hard time now, let's meet Daegu again after some time.

Even citizens who have lived in Daegu for a long time must have seen a new side of Daegu.
Let's take a look at each of these beautiful places in Daegu.

1. Biseulsan Natural Recreation Forest

Yong-ri Mountain 10 in Dalseong-gun, Daegu

Bisulsan Mountain is a mountain located on the border between Dalseong County in Daegu and Cheongdo County in North Gyeongsang Province.
To the north, it connects with the mountain. Along with Mt. Palgongsan, it is also known as the "North Palgong, Nam biseul" and is considered the two largest mountains in Daegu City!
It is 1,084 meters high and was designated as a county park in 1986 and was recognized as a natural recreational forest in 1993.
The mountain slopes and valleys are very slow to flow, and the rocky has a unique view.
It is the largest of several stone species in Korea, and has a very high academic and natural learning value.
There are camping sites and recreational forest accommodations, so it's a place where many tourists gather during the holiday season.

Especially in mid-to-late April when azaleas bloom, it is a magnificent sight because they fill the hill from the top of the mountain behind them!
The azalea flower of a mountain is more spectacular and wonderful than any other cluster of azalea flowers, which is one of the reasons why we are looking for the azalea flowers of April.
People in Daegu, who love Biseulsan azalea flowers, differentiate this place by calling it "cham flower" and the festival is also called the Biseulsan Cham flower Cultural Festival!

I hope you can enjoy your trip to the mountains in mid-to-late April.

2. Songhae Park

Kiseuri 306 in Okpo-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu

Songhae Park was selected as the third attraction of the year in the country after Cheonggyecheon Stream and Gapyeong Jarasum in Seoul.
It is beautiful waterfront park in the country, and it is a popular place to be loved.
The 10.5-kilometer Dulegil surrounded by Okyeon Reservoir, the second-largest 10-meter-long Mulebanga in the country, Baeksegyo and Baeksejeong to pray for the Mansu River during the age of 100.
There are many things to see because there are five colored windmills, Songhae Falls, and the suspension bridge.
It has gold caves and forest, making it a hot spot in Daegu that attracts 750,000 tourists a year.

I'm not sure if you noticed, but the name of Songhae Park is named after Song Hae, the popular MC of the national singing contest!
Songhae's hometown is at North Korea, so he had always been a sorrow that had lost hometown. So he made Daegu as his home of mind.
He often looked at Okyeonji to soothe the pain of losing his hometown.

Songhae Park is a place where beautiful nature, pavilion, and tree walkways are combined.

3. Palgong Provincial Park

Dongsan-ri, Bugye-myeon, Gunwi-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do

Palgongsan is a mountain that spans the cities of Donggu, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Yeongcheon, Gunwi-gun, Chilgok-gun, and Gyeongsan.
It is tall and large, covering 1,193 meters tall and covering the northeastern part of Daegu, and covering a total area of 126.852 square kilometers.
Enclosed (1,155 meters) and Seobong (1,150 meters) compete shoulder to shoulder with each other at the center of the 1,192 meters above sea level.

As the center of Buddhist culture, there are many temples including Donghwa Temple.
The stone Buddha in the temple compound is definitely outstanding!
The construction of the stone Buddha began in November 1990 and was completed on November 27, 1992, after two years of extensive construction.
The total height of the Buddha statue is 30 meters, of which the height of the pedestal reaches 13 meters and its circumference reaches 16.5 meters, making it known as the world's largest stone Buddha.
The statue was created to heal conflicts that were impeding unification and hope that 70 million people's wish for national reconciliation would take place as soon as possible!

Like this, there are many different attractions in Daegu, right?
Warm spring is coming, but it is hard to go out comfortably these days.

The nature places will be there for our visit over time. : )

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