Monday, March 30, 2020

My hometown, Daegu (the story of Daegu)

It's a warm spring day. I think it will be a perfect spring in April!

Even Daegu, which is warmer than other cities, has spring as usual, but it is hard to As a citizen of Daegu, you may feel many emotions.

Though it's a difficult time, I'd like to cheer up Daegu citizens who care about the community and the people around them!

Today, I would like to introduce you to an article written by Jeon Jae-min, a field reporter who was born and has lived in Daegu.

I think many people as well as citizens of Daegu will agree with this. Let's read it together.

It`s no different than this time last year. Samdeok-dong, once again, was still beautiful."

Passing through the middle of March, the warm spring sunshine, no different from any other year, is beating down the street.
Today, I want to talk about Daegu, which I haven't thought much about while going to the meeting place after a long time.

- Gyeongbuk National University Festival
To me, who was born in Daegu and has lived my whole life, "Daegu" remains a relaxed but noisy city.

Each month, the buildings are lined with distinctive festivals, events, and busy streets.

And as you start to get out of there little by little, to the nature you see. The previously mentioned relaxed yet noisy images are permeated throughout Daegu. From now on, let's visit various places based on the pictures in the cell phone gallery and my memories.

- Hajungdo
First of all, while I watched the gallery, there was a place that stood out and had a clear memory. It is the 'Hajungdo Yuchae Flower Complex' located in Nogok-dong, Buk-gu, Daegu. This is one of the places where many people admire the wide array of flowers along the Geumho River.
Unfortunately, at the time of the photo shoot, it was just before the flowers bloomed, so we couldn't see the distinctive yellow waves.
Since it is said to reach full bloom around mid-April every year, let's check the time of enlightenment and then visit it.

The way to find the load map is by using the bus no.3.
Bukgu No. 3 is via the "East Daegu" and "Daegu" zones, which are easily accessible to tourists visiting Daegu from another country, so anyone can easily visit it.

- Wolgwang Water Park in midsummer

The second place to enjoy leisure is Wolgwang Water Park located in Wolgok-ro, Dalseo-gu.
Many people think of Minrak Water Park in Busan when they say waterfront park.
However, Daegu also has a walkway, cafes, and a Wolgwang Waterfront Park, which is surrounded by restaurants.
Unlike the waterfront park, which is unique to Busan, Wolgwang Water Park is facing the pond, so you can enjoy the calm waves.
Depending on the weather, you can enjoy a dreamy landscape filled with water fog.

Now let's move away from the leisurely tourist attractions and take a look at the noisy downtown of Daegu. Today's meeting place is Samdeok-dong.

- an alleyway in Samdeok-dong

Samdeok-dong consists mainly of alleys. As you walk along these alleys, you will find cute cafes, restaurants, bars and prop shops everywhere. 

- Cafe OE, brunch cafe
Walking along the street with an acquaintance, I visited OE, a sandwich shop located in Samdeok-dong, near lunchtime.

Due to the low number of tables, there is a certain amount of waiting lines at a time when guests usually visit, but today I was able to sit down right away without waiting. It was a perfect space for enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of Samdeok-dong, as the store was made up of an open structure that allowed customers to look out of the window.

- Props Shop 'Object'
If you walk a little from the OE, you'll see the object.
Object is a kind of prop shop that gathers stationery and various props, starting with various goods.
It was a place where you could have a little fun by picking out props for each other with your friends after the meal.

-Cafe 'Lit'

Finally, I visited the cafe 'lit' located next to the object.
This is a cafe with a unique concept of selling furniture on display inside the cafe with coffee.
It is also made up of remodeled rural houses, so you can experience the feeling of drinking coffee while looking out of a window in a well-decorated house.

- What you see outside the window from inside the lit
As I opened the front door for the first time in a while and headed for the meeting place, I looked back on the various images of Daegu in cell phone gallery and the current surroundings.

Still warm, still leisurely.
It's a tough time for everyone. However, it seems like everyone is living their lives with a life of ease, not much different from before, without losing their laughter even in difficult situations.
Wishing you a hard time and return to the noisy Daegu as soon as possible.

With the efforts and rituals of Daegu citizens, you will overcome the difficulties and return to Daegu where many people visit!I wish all the visitors good health.

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