Friday, March 6, 2020

Guiding the Daegu Walkway Course for Improving the Immunity

Spring has come, but for many reasons, we avoid crowded places and stay at home. But the more you do, the more you should try to develop your body's immune system. Let me introduce you to the outdoor trail where you can take a walk in Daegu and feel the air outside.

[Kumho River Course]

1) Kumho Ecological Park

Source:Instagram (@kjink_02)

Geumho River is a tributary of the Nakdong River that flows around Daegu City. Its name was named Geumho because "When the wind blows, there is a sound of rain in the reed fields along the river and the water is as clear and calm as a lake." There are also people who visit from couples who come out for jogging to citizens who enjoy the river breeze. The grass is about 50 meters wide from the water to the bank, and we planted trees and wild grasses in the middle of the lawn, creating a waterfront park.
Unlike any riverside polished with cement and stone, it retains the old rural atmosphere and is a representative example of the development of waterfront parks without destroying the ecosystem. There are various rest areas and sports facilities such as walking trails, basketball courts, benches, streetlights, and sculptures.

2) Gangbyeon Park on the Airport Bridge


The bridge connects Bokhyeon-dong, Buk-gu, Daegu, and Bulo-dong, Dong-gu, Geumho River Bridge. Many apartment complexes in Bukhyeon-dong were built in the southwest, and Daegu International Airport was located in the northeast, so it was named Airport Bridge.

The Geumho River flowing below the airport bridge boasts a clear and clean appearance that is not like a river running through the city. On one side of the park, there is a wide flower garden, so you can meet fresh shoots in spring and cosmos in fall. The open plain is a park that presents a large space that looks like a horizon.

3) Dongchon Resort


Located along the Geumho River, Dongchon Resort is one of the most popular places in Daegu because of its dense trees and beautiful natural scenery.
It is also a place where couples enjoy the beautiful surroundings. You can feel the old spirit and romance as a place to rest for a long time.

We had take a look at Geumho Stream, which has been a part of the history and life of Daegu citizens, and the trail that runs around the river! Like the river of Geumho Stream, we know that Daegu will overcome difficult times well.

Besides the course along the Geumho River, there are many good places to take a walk in Daegu. Among them, I'd like to introduce Spot 3 for a walk.

Bongmu Park surrounds Dansanji, a large lake where water sports can also be enjoyed in the summer. On weekends, you can enjoy foot volleyball, volleyball, tennis, cycling, etc. for youth and various organizations, and it is also suitable for family outing.
Sincheon Stream is a stream in eastern Daegu and flows into the Geumho River. It also has great meaning as a bird habitat, such as mallard ducks and sunflowers, and otters! If you walk along the stream, you might meet your natural friends.
Suseong pond is 2,020 meters, and if you go around once, you will walk 2 kilometers! The round of the Susung pond is a gentle plain and has a floor with dirt roads and wooden decks, making it a good way to take a walk for all ages. If you are close to one of the top 3 good spots for a walk, you may want to take some time outside for your immune system.

I hope many visitors to Daegu will also enjoy the fresh nature and spring energy and continue their outdoor activities to maintain their immune system.

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