Sunday, December 22, 2019

Best Places Enjoying Christmas In South Korea : Christmas Festival and Lights in Daegu

 Dongdaegu Station 

When you visit Daegu, You will arrive at Dongdaegu Station. In there now, beautiful tree and other lights are displayed. You can get some life photo there. and also
There is a huge department store. So you can enjoy shopping at there!

Beautiful trees are twinkle. And you can see pinwheels made with Korean national flag. It is good to see when you go to back other regions from Dongdaegu station.


There is a place where you can shopping with cheaper price than shinsegye department store. I recommend you enjoy christmas here. Because you can have shopping and drink some alcoholic drink.

Dongsungro tree looks like a spider web. There are some shops that sell cometics, clothes, accessories.

And Dongsungro has lots of lights. You can take wonderful pictures here :) 

Jung-gu, Dongsungro1ga, Daegu
(대구 중구 동성로 1가)

Or you can enjoy a festival in Eworld. Look at beyond article.

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