Thursday, November 14, 2019

Autumn Trip in Korea : Travel to the 3 Best Fall Foliage Attractions of Daegu


In Apsan, you can take a cable car to go up the mountain. During going up there, you will see the beautiful view of autumn foliage. In November in Korea, The trees turn in red, yellow, orange or green. It means there are various color in trees! So It looks like a picture of art. 

Adult : 10,500won(Round Trip), 7,500won(One Way)
Children : 7,500won(Round Trip), 5,500won(One Way)
✳ Children : 4yr~12yr

You can take a best photo in your life with maple trees. Pose for best photo!

And this is the view you will see inside your cable car. The trees have lots of colors. So it looks prettier than just one color.

The maple in Korea now reaches its peak. You can't miss it!

Address : Daegu Namgu Apsan-sunhwanro 574-116
(대구 남구 앞산순환로 574-116)


There are Red Foliage Observatory in Daeguforest. It also has a fee to go inside. The price is 12,000won for adult and 10,000won for children. And they have various programs in there like making some products using wood, amusement park, zoo. 

So If you have children, It is good chance to go there with your kids for their experience in nature and having fun together. 

The trees turned in red. Real red looks so gorgeous. 

Don't hesitate to go or not. I strongly recommend you to go here! You will not regret of this.

Address : Daegu Dalseonggun Gachangmyeon Gachangro 1003
(대구 달성군 가창면 가창로 1003)

 Daegu Stadium 

Daegu Stadium is famous for sports games. They held World cup in 2002. So the beautiful trees are spread out widely. It's good for children also. Because it can be alright that your kids run out of here. And I recommend you make some lunchbox and get a mat. The atmosphere will be excellent in here!

When you walk this road, you might here the sound of leaves. It is quite good sounds when you want to have your own time without any disturbance.

Most of Korean love autumn. It's not that much cold, neither hot. The whether is fine for walking or dating with your precious person. 

Address :  Daegu Suseonggu Universiadro 180
(대구 수성구 유니버시아드로 180)