Friday, November 29, 2019

Couple Date Course in Korea : Eworld Starlight Festival

When you date with your boyfriend or girlfriend, what is important do you think? Maybe the satisfaction of them. So I'll recommend you the best date spot in Korea! If you have any plan to visit Korea with your partner, dating in here is great idea. 

The place is Eworld in Daegu. Around December, there are many places to see beautiful lighting spots. Especially in Daegu, you can see a big tree infront of the Dongdaegu station. At night, It looks so pretty. You have to see it! 

Also, You can see a tree in Dongsungro. If you go there to see it, you should enjoy shopping at there and tasting many kinds of foods.

   Eworld Starlight Festival   

The Eworld Starlight Festival is held from 16th, Nov to 1st, Jan, 2020. You can see beautiful status in there! Go with your friends, family is good. They have a admission fee. Check it and prepare before go :)

ⓒ eworld website
Admission ticket is essential to everyone who wants to go in. If you want only admission include the world free admission performing arts and animal farm watching, you should buy an admission ticket. 

In this case fee for adult is 23,300won. Student should pay 13,300won and Children are 12,000won.

Student should pay 13,300won and Children are 12,000won.

Second way is buying Free pass. This pass include the world tickets + benefits rides available + 83 tower magic art using + ice rink week discounts.

Fee for adult is 42,000won. Student should pay 37,000won and Children are 32,000won.

캡션 추가ⓒ eworld website

You can enjoy only night view in there after 5pm.

Night free pass is 28,000won for adult and 26,000won for student and children.

Now, see the below pictures before deciding. 

And also see the couple shots when you go with your girlfriend or boyfriend! 

Leave permanent memory with your lover :) 

Durugonwonro 200, Dalseogu, Daegu (대구 달서구 두류공원로 200 이월드)
weekday : 10:30~18:00
weekend : 10:30~19:00

Friday, November 22, 2019

Getting to Daegu from Incheon International Airport

Many people arrive at Incheon when they visit to Korea. So today, I'll tell you about how to get to Daegu from Incheon International Airport! There are various ways to go Daegu. You can choose a option depends on your budget or time.  

⭐By KTX Train

There are two ways to get to Daegu by KTX. First one is using a bus and another is using a train. 

1. You should go to Gangmyeong station by bus(limousine) : adult 9,000won, children 7,500won
2. Take a KTX to Dongdaegu station from Gangmyeong station : adult 41,300won, children 20,600won

1. You should go to Seoul station by aiport railway : adult 9,500won, children 7,500won
2. Take a KTX to Dongdaegu station from Seoul station : adult 43,500won, children 21,700won

⭐By Limousin

You can use bus from Incheon airport to Dongdaegu station : adult 37,600won, children 18,800won

2018, KTX from Incheon is abolished. So you just follow above two ways! Enjoy your trip in Daegu 🌝

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Autumn Trip in Korea : Travel to the 3 Best Fall Foliage Attractions of Daegu


In Apsan, you can take a cable car to go up the mountain. During going up there, you will see the beautiful view of autumn foliage. In November in Korea, The trees turn in red, yellow, orange or green. It means there are various color in trees! So It looks like a picture of art. 

Adult : 10,500won(Round Trip), 7,500won(One Way)
Children : 7,500won(Round Trip), 5,500won(One Way)
✳ Children : 4yr~12yr

You can take a best photo in your life with maple trees. Pose for best photo!

And this is the view you will see inside your cable car. The trees have lots of colors. So it looks prettier than just one color.

The maple in Korea now reaches its peak. You can't miss it!

Address : Daegu Namgu Apsan-sunhwanro 574-116
(대구 남구 앞산순환로 574-116)


There are Red Foliage Observatory in Daeguforest. It also has a fee to go inside. The price is 12,000won for adult and 10,000won for children. And they have various programs in there like making some products using wood, amusement park, zoo. 

So If you have children, It is good chance to go there with your kids for their experience in nature and having fun together. 

The trees turned in red. Real red looks so gorgeous. 

Don't hesitate to go or not. I strongly recommend you to go here! You will not regret of this.

Address : Daegu Dalseonggun Gachangmyeon Gachangro 1003
(대구 달성군 가창면 가창로 1003)

 Daegu Stadium 

Daegu Stadium is famous for sports games. They held World cup in 2002. So the beautiful trees are spread out widely. It's good for children also. Because it can be alright that your kids run out of here. And I recommend you make some lunchbox and get a mat. The atmosphere will be excellent in here!

When you walk this road, you might here the sound of leaves. It is quite good sounds when you want to have your own time without any disturbance.

Most of Korean love autumn. It's not that much cold, neither hot. The whether is fine for walking or dating with your precious person. 

Address :  Daegu Suseonggu Universiadro 180
(대구 수성구 유니버시아드로 180)

Friday, November 8, 2019

2019 Fastest and Cheapest Ways to Go to Daegu from Seoul

Do you heard of Daegu in Korea? Daegu has lots of festivals and places to enjoy food. So if you have a plan to go to Daegu, It can be totally different from Seoul. Seoul is more urban city than Daegu. You can experience some Korean traditional things. Also feeling the real nature is a good way to take your hoilday.

So, I'll introduce you how can you go to Daegu from Seoul using the fastest and cheapest way. There are many ways like train, bus and so on. Let's see it individually!

✽ Which station or terminal is the closest?

There are 5 points of departures in Seoul. Almost everyone start from Seoul Station(railway). However, if you departure near Gangnam, it is better to take in Seoul Express Bus Terminal, Suseo Station or Dong-Seoul Terminal instead of taking Mugungwha train at Seoul Station.

✽ Which is the fastest way?

SRT is the fastest way to get to Daegu. You can take the train at Suseo Station. It will arrive at Dongdaegu Station. It takes about 1 and half hours.

✽ Which is the cheapest way?

The cheapest way is by express bus(economy type). It costs about 18,000won.


1) Seoul Station   Dongdaegu  or Daegu Station
By KTX , around 2hr(43,500won to 60,900won)
By ITX-Saemaul/Saemaul, around 3hr 30min (31,400won)
By Muguonghwa, around 4hr (21,100won)

2) Yongsan Station  Dongdaegu  or Daegu Station
KTX, ITX-Saemeul/Saemaul and Mugungwha are available just like Seoul station. 

3)Suseo Station   Dongdaegu  or Daegu Station
SRT train available only. 
SRT train is a KTX-level train that takes 90min 
from Suseo to Daegu(37,300won to 54,200won)

*Other Benefits
Upon showing your ticket of the day
- Daegu City Tour Bus: 20% discount
- Cafestoryway : 10% discount
- Sinsegye Aquarium : 30% discount


Seoul(Gyeongbu Line) and Dong-Seoul have bus heading to Daegu. There are 3 types of express buses : Premuim, Excellent and Economy.

1) Seoul(Gyeongbu Line) → East-daegu or West-daegu
Seoul Gyengbu Line is also known as Seoul Express not Gangnam Bus Terminal which is located across the street.
(18,400won to 35,300won) depending on the time and bus type.

2) Dong-Seoul  East-daegu  or West-daegu
(18,600won to 30,100won) depending on the time and bus type.

3)Suseo Station   Dongdaegu  or Daegu Station
SRT train available only. 
SRT train is a KTX-level train that takes 90min 
from Suseo to Daegu(37,300won to 54,200won)

- Early bird discount(10%) : book a ticket 48 hours before the departure date.
- Round trip discount(10%) : book a round-trip tickets
This applies to excellent bus on some routes.