Thursday, October 31, 2019

Top 3 Beautiful Night Views in Korea

There are lots of beautiful night views in Korea. If you have some plans to visit Korea and talk with your partner who come to here together, how about set the schedule to go to see some night views? I'll introduce you the best gorgeous night view spot in Korea :)

[ Apsan Observatory ]

Are you going to travel using a car or transportation? If you prefer to use transportation, you should take off at Daedeok Restaurant(대덕식당). From here, you have to walk about 40 minutes. Or you can take Apsan Cable car! 

This is the Apsan Observatory!!! What a pretty view it is! 

If you go here with your girl(boy) friend, write some notes on a lock and hang it railing. 

The cable car time is different through a month. You should check it in website before go there. 

Address : 
574-114 Apsan Sunhwanro, Namgu, Daegu
(대구 남구 앞산순환로 574-114)

Fee : 
7,500(children under 12)
※ 20% discount when you use Daegu city tour

[ The ARC ]

 The ARC's surface is motivated by rivers, water and nature. It looks like fish, isn't it?

At night, you can take a photo like this! Enjoy your unique photos in here with your friends~

Address : 
57 Gangjeongbon-gil, Dasa-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu
(대구 달성군 다사읍 강정본길 57)

[ Songhae Park ]

Songhae Park has lots of flowers. There are chrysanthemun, Pink muhly, and various autumn flowers.

At night, you can experience bright colorful status. Take a photo with your travel mate :)

There is a bridge that looks wonderful. During walking this bridge, You can feel peaceful moment.

Address : 
306 Gisyeri, Okpo-eup, Daegu
(대구 달성군 옥포읍 기세리 306)

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