Friday, October 11, 2019

Korean BBQ, Bibimbap, chicken...? No!! Recommend you Unique Korean Food

Are you planning to visit Korea for you tour or vacation? Then, you might think about what kind of food will you try in your trip. There are lots of delicious food in Korea. I'm sure! But, many countries already have a Korean town. I mean, more than one in country. So you can enjoy those normal type of Korean food in your country, too.

I will recommend you the unique Korean food you can experience in Korea, just trust and follow me~!! 

Sumac Chicken(Ot dak)

Sumac Chicken is Korean nourishing food. Do you know about a sumac? It's kind of tree. Sumac chicken is made of the bark of sumac tree in the soup. You can feel its smell from the food. 

Basically, Korean restaurant serve various side dishes. In this picture, you can see a kimchi made with cabbage, kimchi made with radish, kimchi made with chives. They have three kinds of different kimchi. That's funny, isn't it?

The main dish is this one. chicken with healthy soup and cooked glutinous rice. It's combination is fantastic. After you eat this for lunch, you can feel more stronger than usual day :)

Price : 12,000won per person
open : 11:30 ~ 20:00 (2,4th sunday close)
Address :  Daehyunro10gil 54, Bukgu, Daegu (대구 북구 대현로10길 54)

Loach in hot bean paste soup(Chueotang)

Chueotang is made with loach. Yep, loach which is live in the river! We have two different type of Chueotang. One is put the loach without any cutting, the other is put the loach grind in. 

The restaurant that I will explain from now is famous in many broadcasts. You have to notice about this! This restaurant doesn't open during December~February. Because in this period, They can't catch a loach. 

They have two type of kimchi. One is quite spicy, the other is not spicy at all. So you can try this one if you don't like spicy food.

The soup is quite thick. And it's option that you can put powdered Japanese prickly ash berry or not. Enjoy this unique food in Daegu.

Price : 10,000won per person (rice is included)
open : 09:00 ~ 21:00 
Address :  Gukchaebosangro 598-1, Jung-gu, Daegu (대구 중구 국채보상로 598-1)

bean soup(kong guk)

Last one is specially you can eat in Daegu. You don't see in even Seoul which is the capital of Korea. This food is warm and savory. 

There's glutinous rice in the bean water. It's chewy. And the glutinous rice is crispy. It's quite difficult to explain it to person who have never try this food. You should go and try yourself!

They also see a toast which is familiar to foreigner. It can be explained Korean style brunch. If you wonder about this food, go to Daegu and experience it!

Price : kongguk 5,000won, toast 3,500won 
open : 24hours
Address :  Namsanro 6an-gil 47, Jung-gu, Daegu (대구 중구 남산로 6안길 47)

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