Sunday, October 6, 2019

Autumn Festivals in Korea, Especially in Daegu

Seungsi Festival

ⓒ seungsi festival website

Have you ever heard of any information of monk or Buddhism in Korea? Buddhism is well developed in Korea and many temples are in possession. Daegu has famous temple which is called Donghwasa. And there is a festival that you can experience Korean Buddhism well. 

The Seungsi Festival opens during Oct 3rd ~ Oct 7th. You can see the Korean own temple and Korean monk. There are some markets usually monks sell products a long time ago. It's chance to shopping Korean traditional goods.

Address : Daegu Donggu Dongwhasa1gil 1 (대구 동구 동화사1길 1)

 DIFACUL Festival

ⓒ Daegu international Fashion Culture Festival website

Daegu International Fashion Culture Festival is very famous in Korea. I think some of you was already participated in.  

A fashion festival integrating fashion culture, art and nature will take place at Sanghwa Dongsan, Suseong Lake, a landmark in Daegu. This festical is a about fashion where citizens may share and enjoy various contents related to the arts, culture and other fields.  

Oct 4 to 6, 2019, you can meet in Sanghwa Dongsan, Suseoung Lake, Daegu.

Address : 45Gil, Palgong-ro, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea (대구 동구 팔공로45길)

Palgongsan Maple Festival

The fall foliage is pretty in October in Korea. Palgongsan Maple Fesival is held every year to improve attention in Palgondsan sightseeing. Palgongsan has a God Rock which is believed that help us dream comes true. 

There are many kinds of programs at the festival. Fireworks, walk in the fall foliage street, B-boy dance and so on. The landscape in the mountain is really great. So if you go there you can feel free and relieve your stress.

Address : Daegu Dong-gu, Youngsudong 3 (대구 동구 용수동 3)

Halloween Festival

You can't miss it in Korea. Actually, Halloween is not Korean culture. As time goes by, various Halloween festivals are being born in Korea. There is also a Halloween Party you can enjoy in Daegu!

Oct 25th ~ 26th, There's a Halloween party for two days on weekend. This festical is a reinterpretation of the unique resources and historical background of Daegu Nam-gu.

Daemyung-dong, Nam-gu was a cemetery site in the 1960s and is home to a number of cultural artists. Enjoy various photo zones, Halloween DJ parties, and more.

Address : Daegu damyung-dong (대구 대명동)


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Autumn is great season, this festival is worth seeing, I wished I visited it with my beloved I met asianwomendating