Saturday, September 28, 2019

The Fall in Love, Best Place to Go in Autumn (Drive Course)

Let's introduce prettier and more healing places in the fall. 
The place that I'm going to introduce you is especially 
good to drive in a car. Let's see :)

Inheung Village

This village is well preserved and is now designated as the third folk cultural property of Daegu. You know the drama named 달의 연인- 보보경심 려(Moon Lovers-Bobogyeongsim Ryeo)? This is where the drama was filmed. 

In Inheung Village, you can enjoy nature. Various Hanoks which is the name of Korean traditional house show the old Korea well. Pine trees protect Inheung Village throughout all for seasons.

⧪ 대구 달성군 화원읍 인흥3길 16
   16 Inheung 3-gil, Hwawon-eup, Dalseong-gun

⧪ Trasportation
   BUS : Dalseong2 (달성2) 

⧪ Fee is free, Have parking lot

Mabijeong Mural Village

Mabijeong Mural Village has a history of horse entanglement. The murals in the village contain a pleasant home landscape and people. Do you know trick art? It is a three-dimensional representation of a picture that makes it look real.

This place is famous for Running Man. When you go to Mabijeong Mural Village, you must see the love trees which are two tress united. If you are a couple, you should go to the spot that you can put a lock on with some messages

⧪ 대구 달성군 화원읍 본리리
   Bonriri, Hwawon-eup, Dalseong-gun

⧪ Trasportation
   BUS : Dalseong2 (달성2) 

⧪ Fee is free, Have parking lot


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