Saturday, September 28, 2019

The Fall in Love, Best Place to Go in Autumn (Drive Course)

Let's introduce prettier and more healing places in the fall. 
The place that I'm going to introduce you is especially 
good to drive in a car. Let's see :)

Inheung Village

This village is well preserved and is now designated as the third folk cultural property of Daegu. You know the drama named 달의 연인- 보보경심 려(Moon Lovers-Bobogyeongsim Ryeo)? This is where the drama was filmed. 

In Inheung Village, you can enjoy nature. Various Hanoks which is the name of Korean traditional house show the old Korea well. Pine trees protect Inheung Village throughout all for seasons.

⧪ 대구 달성군 화원읍 인흥3길 16
   16 Inheung 3-gil, Hwawon-eup, Dalseong-gun

⧪ Trasportation
   BUS : Dalseong2 (달성2) 

⧪ Fee is free, Have parking lot

Mabijeong Mural Village

Mabijeong Mural Village has a history of horse entanglement. The murals in the village contain a pleasant home landscape and people. Do you know trick art? It is a three-dimensional representation of a picture that makes it look real.

This place is famous for Running Man. When you go to Mabijeong Mural Village, you must see the love trees which are two tress united. If you are a couple, you should go to the spot that you can put a lock on with some messages

⧪ 대구 달성군 화원읍 본리리
   Bonriri, Hwawon-eup, Dalseong-gun

⧪ Trasportation
   BUS : Dalseong2 (달성2) 

⧪ Fee is free, Have parking lot

Friday, September 20, 2019

Recommended Hotels for comfort in Daegu, South Korea

Eldis Regent Hotel

ⓒ Eldis Regent Hotel website

Eldis Regent hotel is in an area where you can easily transfer to and from Subway Lines 1, 2 or 3. The traffic is really convenient and the location is the very heart of fashion and shopping of Daegu Metropolitan City. 

There are shopping centers famous for luxurious goods such as Lotte Department Store, Hyundai Department store and Daegu Department Store. You can walk without a difficulty to shops. Also, the city's traditional markets such as Seomun Market, Donseong-no and Banwoldang are within a five-minute walking distance.

ⓒ Eldis Regent Hotel website

The rooms are divided into the new building and main building, and reservations are available on the website. Both places are neatly arranged. The new building has a large room of about 65 square meters. Please check the website for more details

■ By Intra-city Bus
Front of Eldis Regent Hotel (previously, Dongsan Hotel)

Bus : 408, 840, 909

Opposite to Eldis Regent Hotel (previously, Dongsan Hotel)

Bus : 405, 609

■ By Subway

Line 1 : Get out of Exit 18, Banwoldang Station, It is a seven-minute walk

Line 2 : Get out of Exit 9, Cheongna Hill Station, It is a seven-minute walk

Line 3 : Get our of Exit 9, Cheongna Hill Station, It is a seven-minute walk

Novotel Ambassador Daegu

ⓒ Novotel Ambassador Daegu website

Novotel Ambassador Daegu is located in the center of Donseong-ro and is connected directly to the subway! The train station, airport and EXCO convention center are very close, making it the perfect place for sightseeing.

ⓒ Novotel Ambassador Daegu website

This is a Superior Suite. This Spacious suite consists of a reception room and a bedroom, each fully equipped with cutting-edge facilities. The roomy bathroom includes separate bath and shower booth. Each suite can accommodate up to two adults and two children.

■ By Bus

2.28 across memorial Central Park 2 (02-230)

bus : 650, 909

2.28 across memorial Central Park 1 (02-227)

bus : 518, Gangchang 2, Express 1, 3, 5, 6

2.28 in front of memorial Central Park (02-326)

bus : 234, 240, 309, 425, 518, 650, 724, 909, 939, Express 1, 3, 5

CGV Crossing over Korea (02- 239)

bus : 156, 234, 240, 309, 323, 425, 524, 724, 939, 980

CGV Hanil (02-238)

bus : 156, 323-1, 524, Express 6

■ By Subway

Line 1 : Jungang-ro Station Exit 3 10 minutes by foot.
          Daegu Station Exit 19 10 minutes by foot.
Line 2 : Banwoldang Station 15 minutes by foot. 


Wednesday, September 11, 2019

The Meaning of Thanksgiving Day in Korea : Chuseok

Have you ever heard of Chuseok? Chuseok is known as Korean Thanksgiving Day. This year, Chuseok is on Friday, September 13th. During this period, Korean have a three-day national holiday. So we meet our family again and visit our hometown.



On Chuseok, family members talk together and share delicious food. Songpyeon is a typical Chuseok dish, which is a traditional Korean rice cake made with sesame, red beans, beans, etc. It looks like half-moon shape. An old Korean anecdote says that the person who makes beautifully-shaped songpyeon will meet a good spouse or give birth to a beautiful baby.

And we put food on our ancestors at Chuseok. So we serve a variety of dishes like korean pan cake, korean style meatball, using squid and so on.


We play traditional games such as yui nori during Chuseok. Sometimes we wear hanbok which is Korean traditional clothes. Especially grandparents love their children wear it.

Korea's biggest hoilday, if you are in Korea, please enjoy traditional games or food. You can try to wear hanbok or stay in traditional house, hanok

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Best Photo Zone in Daegu, Korea : recommend for couples

Do you know there are lots of places where you can take the best picture in your life? Korea have various themes of it, especially in Daegu. I'm going to introduce you a little unique photo zones. You should walk here feeling the place's atmosphere. 

Healing is important because people are busy these days. I prepared painting wall village with slow road tour today for you. Let's go together!

Onggi Jonggi Happiness Village

Onggi Jonggi Happiness Village is located Donggu ipsuk-dong 932-15, Daegu. You can get there by subway which is called dongchon station. At there, get out to exit 1 and walk around 800m. 

There is Daegu Sundongchon Park at the entrance of Onggi Jonggi Happiness Village.

There's traces of the train tracks on the way. Even though it was summer, because of covering with trees It was cool and nice to walk on.

Next to the park is Onggi Jonggi Happiness Village. 
More than 50 plain house walls were created in pastelton colors. Train roads, parks, and painting wall village remind us of the past and present.

There are many interesting pictures between the alleyways. And there are snacks and animations in our memories, and lots of cute pictures.

This is the most popular photo zone. You can take a photo with beautiful balloons!

The old road of Youngnam Daero

The old road of Youngnam Daero is located in Dongseongno, Daegu. You can use subway which station is Banwoldang. Get off at Banwoldang Station and walk one minute to the back of Hyundai Department Store, you will see a sign.

This road is quite traditional. You will experience korean history at here.

Past road Painting wall Village is equipped with items of scholars to prepare a important exam.

This picture is explaining the person who go to do the exam and his wife said good-bye to him. I greeted him, too. The paintings in the murals were three-dimensional.

Shall we go to feel the tradition of Korea? Don't hesitate to make plans for your trip!!!