Thursday, August 29, 2019

The reason why you have to visit Daegu in September

You can enjoy the cool weather in September in Korea. During this season, The weather is not that much cold or hot, many people like to go to eat outside. And we are waiting some beautiful maples to view the autumn colors!! Actually It's almost October. Before that I wanna introduce you what festivals and events are held in September.

Are you ready? Let's go! 

Daegu International Opera Festival 

Daegu International Opera Festival was started on 23th Aug. It will be continue until 13th Oct. The Main Opera is 'G. Donizetti Lucia di Lammermoor' which is performed on 5th Sep, 7:30pm. 

This story is about a tragic 'destiny' based on a true story! From Scotland in the late 17th century, depicts the tragedy of Lucia and Edgardo, who are in love despite the opposition of two old hostile families. This truth unleashed the dramatic feelings of characters such as madness, sadness, and anger add to the tragedy of the beautiful music of Bel Cento. 

This Opera will be shown speaking in Italy. But there are Korean and English subtitles. 

Ticket prices vary depending on seat. VIP seat is 100,000won. R seat is 70,000won, S seat is 50,000won, A seat is 30,000won, B seat is 20,000won, C seat is 10,000won. There are some of discounts for you. Check it behind table.


Talk Concert : Opera Becomes Art, Art Becomes Opera.
   - You can meet Opera in Art museum 

Amateurs Opera
  - Amateurs but almost looks like experts show the opera 'La Boheme'

Special Lecture Opera Odyssey
  - We can learn about performances in advance. If you participate this lecture you can get 20% discount when you reserve the main show.

After show this wonderful performances, you must be hungry!!! So I recommend you the hottest food in Daegu.

Dinner - Makchang

Within 5 minutes by walk, you can enjoy special food in Daegu ♡

This restaurant is called 'wooyaji Makchang' which is means "I can't do anything because It is definitely delicious" It is the small intestine of a pig. But If you don't wanna try, you can just eat pork which is called samgyepsal.

If you order some food, you will get this sauce with hot pepper. This pepper looks green, but It is quite hot..!! Watch out! Actually the one on the left side is green onion and the right one is pepper. Don't be confused :)

This is also sauce. The yellow one is curry and red one is cilly, light brown one is powder of bean.

This is rolled omelet. Enjoy it with ketchup!

These are main dishes! Makchang and Samgyepsal. You can choice original or seasoned one. Lots of Korean prefer the red one. The price is very cheep! It is around 9,000won by person. So I think you can try various food in here. 

And If you order more than three people, they will give you service food. First one is Soybean Paste Ramen. It is quite traditional taste.

After all, They will serve you a bingsu. It is made with ice flakes with red bean and syrup.

Enjoy your travel in September in Daegu!! with awesome food and festival~!


대구 동구 동부로30길 34
Daegu Dong-gu Dongburo30gil 34, near the dongdaegu station

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