Friday, August 9, 2019

Korean superstitions that make you surprise!

If you write your name in red, you will die.

In Korea, there is a superstition that if you write your name in red, it is considered ominous. There are three theories as to why. First of all, because red writing means blood that is associated with death. The second one is that when King Sejo started a coup in Korea's ancient dynasty of Joseon, he marked the names of his opponents in red and killed them all, so Koreans have avoided red ever since. Finally, since the names of soldiers killed during the Korean War were written in red letters, Koreans have not written their names in red since then.

When you whistle at night, a ghost comes out!

The superstitions about whistling at night exist not only in Korea but also in many other countries. In ancient Korea, whistles used to be used as a way to call a snake from the ground or as a way for a man to go to a woman's house and signal her to come out. Therefore whistling at night meant to bring out a snake from the ground to make other people dangerous, or to bring a woman with her husband out of the house and her family unhappy. Also, today, whistling at night can cause noise between floors in the apartment, so Koreans tend to refrain from whistling at night.

The number 4 means sinister.

Number 4 is a number that is avoided not only in Korea but also in the Chinese character culture such as China and Japan. The reason is because in the culture, the pronunciation of number 4 is same as the pronunciation of Chinese characters '死' (meaning the death).  Therefore, in Korea, F is often used instead of the number 4, and the number 4 is rarely used for military, hospital, and various transportation means.

When a pig comes out in a dream, money comes out.

In Korea, pigs were considered animals meaning enrichment because they symbolized good fortune. Therefore, Koreans thought that a pig dream would bring good luck. Koreans also thought that dreaming of a pig would give birth to many babies, thinking that pigs are chubby and give birth to many babies. In addition, the pronunciation of money in Korea (DON) is the same as the pronunciation of Chinese character 豚 (DON) , so Koreans thought that pig means money. So even today, if Koreans dream pigs,  you can often see them buying lottery tickets.

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