Friday, August 16, 2019

Daegu cable car : palgongsan & Apsan

Do you want to enjoy nature in Daegu? But it's too hard to walk around? So we prepared it. Daegu Palgong cable car, Daegu front cable car!

Daegu Palgongsan cable car

Palgongsan is a mountain higher than I thought at 1,192 meters, and cable cars go up to a height of 820 meters. The Palgong cable car is a six-seat Kondora Rift, which is about 1.2 kilometers long and is a very long distance. If you ride a cable car for about 7 minutes, you arrive at the normal station at 820 meters above sea level. In addition to the magnificent view of Palgongsan Mountain, the observatory is a place where visitors can enjoy the city of Daegu as well as Donghwa Temple in the distance. Today, we will learn about the usage time and fare of Palgong cable car.
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Daegu Apsan cable car

In Nam-gu, Daegu City, there is a 660-meter-tall Apsan. There is a Daegu Apsan park.
There are a variety of walking paths in Daegu Apsan Park to match the name of Daegu citizens' leisure space. Basically, there are walking trails linked to Apsan, walking paths leading to the M.t Sanseong from Daegu, and walking trails linked to M.t Daedeok. Since such diverse trails range from 2 kilometers to 4 kilometers each, the biggest advantage is that you can choose the trails depending on your taste and stamina. If you take a cable car to the observatory, you can see the view of Daegu in front of you.
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