Friday, July 26, 2019

Various Water Leisure Activities in Daegu!

Daegu is inland, so there is no sea. But did you know that you can enjoy cool water leisure in Daegu, too? From now on, let me introduce some water leisure activities in Daegu that will cool off. 

1. Nakdonggang Leports Valley

In summer months, if you want to escape the heat , go to Nakdonggang Leports Valley, the heaven of water leisure activities,  in which you can experience and learn various water leisure activities!

This place also has a Guji auto camping site where you can relax after enjoying leisure sports. In addition, you can select 16 kinds of leisure sports such as water skiing, paddle boats, kayak, etc. and enjoy other amusement facilities.    
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Nakdonggang Leports Valley is always open during the peak season of July and August, but it is not open on Mondays in other months.

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2. Dansan Reservoir Bongmu park 

There is Daegu Water World where you can experience water leisure at Bongmu Park, a reservoir in Danshan. In here, Various courses and equipment are provided to experience and enjoy various water sports including banana boat, peanut boat, water skiing, Wakeboard and Flyfish. In addition, there are instructors who specialize in water skiing and Wakeboard training for beginners. 

In addition to these water sports, there are duck boats that can float freely on the water, so come and enjoy it with your family and friends.

If you can soothe your tired body and mind while walking along the walking path of Bongmu Park, which is surrounded by blue nature, there will be no better healing.  

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